Whenever Hearthstone nerfs cards, you should search for them in your collection and disenchant them. Here we explain why.

Every time Hearthstone decides to nerf a card, players are entitled to an Arcane Dust refund, and today we will show you how to search for those cards with one just word. Have in mind that some cards are not eligible to Disenchant -most of the time because they are given for free- so if those get nerfed you will not be getting a refund.

How to search for nerfed cards in your Hearthstone collection

The Hearthstone card collection has many powerful hidden tips, and most of them rely on the usage of keywords. Much like with Chat GPT, knowing the correct inputs is kind of a life hack.

With each Hearthstone balance patch, many cards get nerf and players are entitled to Arcane Dust refunds, and to help you not miss any of those, here is how to search for nerfed cards in your collection:

  1. Open your Collection, either from the main menu or from the deck selection menu
  2. Type the keyword "Refund" on the search bar
  3. Disenchant the cards that give you a 100% Arcane Dust refund
How to search your Hearthstone collection and disenchant nerfed cards
How to search your Hearthstone collection and disenchant nerfed cards

It's always recommendable to search your Hearthstone card collection for nerfed cards and disenchant them regardless if you think they will still be playable. Worst case scenario, you craft them back and lose nothing. However, if you miss the 2-week window to get the 100% Dust refund, you'll lose a ton of resources.

There are some cases in which Hearthstone nerfs cards that don't offer refunds. This happens because those cards are non-craftable, which is the case of the cards that Hearthstone gives out for free ahead of an expansion or in the rewards track.

Why Hearthstone offers 100% Arcane Dust refunds for nerfed cards

When Hearthstone nerfs a card -or modifies it in a way that isn't strictly a buff-, allows full-value refunds to prevent a negative effect on players' card collections. This way, players can disenchant the affected cards and craft others from the same rarity.

Generally, when you disenchant a card you only get 25% of its value. However, when there is a balance patch Hearthstone usually includes this disclaimer below nerfed cards:

"The above craftable cards will be eligible for a full dust refund for two weeks following the Patch"

After the patch goes live, you can go to your Hearthstone Card Collection and search for the nerfed cards using the "Refund" keyword and make them dust. However, before doing that you might wanna ask yourself if you want to open any packs.

It is important to open packs before disenchanting nerfed cards, if not, the Hearthstone duplicate protection system might actually hurt your card collection. What happens is that when you disenchant a card, the game understands you don't want that card, so you won't open it on packs.

Then, if your objective is to maximize your Arcane Dust to improve your Hearthstone collection, you should seek to have the most amount of nerfed cards possible before disenchanting them.

We have a full guide of tips to help you to manage your Hearthstone Card Collection beyond this nerfed cards search hack. Feel free to check it out.

How much Dust can you get?

If you are already thinking how much Arcane Dust you can get from the next round of Hearthstone nerfs, you can already enter your Card Collection and search for how many copies of them you have. You can find how much Dust you get back from the different card varieties.

Golden / Signature

Starting with patch 26.0, Signature Cards are disenchantable at the same rates as Golden cards. However, you might want to be extremely careful about that, since you can't craft them back.

That's all we have for now, but we encourage you to search in our Hearthstone's guide section for more tips to improve your card collection. See you next time in the Tavern.