Hearthstone 22.2 Patch comes with Standard and Wild balance changes to fix the Meta. New content also for Battlegrounds, Duels, and Mercs.

Hearthstone 22.2 Patch will arrive on January 25 and will try to solve the Roguestone meta that the community so much complaints about. Furthermore, they promise to bring balance changes to Wild, a format that many players perceive as forgotten. On top of these changes, the patch comes with Duels and Mercs new content. Check this article to be ahead of what’s about to happen.

Balance changes in Hearthstone 22.2 Patch 

The community has been claiming a balance patch for almost a month, but the Holiday season put everything on hold. In standard, Thief Rogue has taken over the metagame with an oppressive power level. The capacity of vomiting stats into the board abusing the interaction between Maestra of the Mascarade, Wildpaw Gnoll, and Double Agent.

Hearthstone Meta waiting for Patch 22.2
Hearthstone Meta waiting for Patch 22.2

As you see on Vicious Syndicate’s stats, this is not just the community perception. Hopes are that the 22.2 Hearthstone Patch could take the necessary measures to tune down Thief Rogue’s power level. If that is finally achieved, many decks could find room and give the players the feeling of a refreshed Meta. 

The 10-day wait for the patch wasn´t well-received by some players. Perhaps patch notes will help. We don’t know yet which cards are going to be balanced, but Wildpaw Gnoll and Scabbs are in the spotlight. Watch out for nerfs to other archetypes like Mozaki Mage too.

Wild Balance

Another much-awaited change is the Wild Balance update Hearthstone promised with the 22.2 Patch. The wild community has been suffering from the same abusing archetypes and heavy combo meta for a while. Wild, in Devs words, is supposed to be Wild. However, there is a limit in which the game just turns un-interactive.

Game Designer Iksar teased in his tweeter account that Sorcerers Apprentice could be one of the targeted cards. This classic minion is a great combo enabler and combined with many of the tools available in wild, can create unfun game experiences. 

More Hearthstone content with Patch 22.2

Duels and Mercenaries players are also getting new toys with the 22.2 Hearthstone Patch. Blizzard promised in a tweet that the patch will bring a HUGE Duels update and new Mercenaries coming to Hearthstone’s newest game mode.

According to an official forum post, we will have a special Duels content revealed by none other than RegisKillbin himself. Don miss this very special event on Killbin’s YouTube channel at 7:00 a.m. PT on January 20!

Last but not least, we will be having new Mercenaries from January 25th. Lead Designer Paul "Kaizor" Nguyen gave us some hints about what will come to Hearthstone Mercenaries with Patch 22.2. Although nothing is fully confirmed, if we read between the lines, it is likely we will be getting the following updates:

  • New Mercenary Characters
  • Additional Zones
  • New Bounties
  • Training Grounds
  • 3rd Equipment Change: New Mercs will unlock it after clearing Heroic Bounties

Remember that with the 22.2 Hearthstone Patch, we will also be having a massive Battlegrounds Update with exclusive reveals as well. Don’t forget to check the coverage about it. Stay tuned to Esports.gg for more Hearthstone news and updates. See you next time, after Rogustone ends (hopefully)

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