Learn the stage before the show starts! Check out the secret interactions the new Festival of Legends Hearthstone board brings.

Hearthstone is a game characterized by its flavor, and the Festival of Legends board is full of secret interactions that turn it into a musical stage. The expansion goes live on April 11, but the 26.0 patch has already introduced the new board. Let's go over the secrets behind the Festival of Legends board.

Hearthstone boards & secret interactions

Every Hearthstone board is themed after a certain World of Warcraft topic or Hearthstone expansion. While most Hearthstone players care about what happens inside the battlefield, boards have many secret interactions in their corners.

Most of Hearthstone's secret board effects activate by simply clicking something, and the Festival of Legends board seems to fall into that category.

Festival of Legends board secrets

Imik reported he found one of the Festival of Legends board's secret interactions by chance, just by clicking stuff. While pressing the buttons on the bottom left corner console, he was surprised by the lights and fireworks.

Apparently, this Festival of Legends secret interaction does not require any sequence, just click the buttons enough times. However, it seems that this interaction can only be activated once per game.

On top of this secret interaction, the latest Hearthstone board from the Festival of Legends expansion, there are several more, enough for you to feel like a music star.

The following video features the interactive elements I could find. The guitar, the speakers, the drums, the electric piano, everything is playable! Not only that, but the guitar on the top left and the piano on the bottom right have different sound configurations.

I am no musician myself, so the only thing I can reproduce from them is pure noise. Are there any other secret interactions behind the Festival of Legends Hearthstone board?

Boards & gameplay impact

While Hearthstone boards and their secret interactions don't have any impact on gameplay, there is one exception. Transfer Student, a card released in the Scholomance Academy expansion has a different effect depending on which board the game is played on.

Image via Blizzard
Image via Blizzard

Initially, Transfer Student adopted effects related to the expansion keywords or mechanics the board belonged to. However, in 2021, its effect was normalized. Starting in 2021, boards grant her the effect to discover a card from the corresponding expansion.

It's no secret then what the Transfer Student effect is on the Festival of Legends Hearthstone board. Upon playing her on the Festival of Legends board, it will let you discover a card from the latest Hearthstone expansion.

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