In a weekend full of epic moments, Feno crowned himself as Solary Hearthstone Party champion. Check out what happened in this incredible event

This past weekend Hearthstone fans witnessed Solary Party, an event that had it all. The French esports organization launched an incredible celebration to receive Celebrating Murder at Castle Nathria expansion. Come and join us while we review some of the highlights this weekend at Solary Hearthstone Party, where Feno proclaimed himself champion once more.

The location was ideal for having a great time with pools, outdoor games and a Castle Nathria-themed scenario to receive some of the finest players in Europe. 

Feno Champion at Solary Hearthstone Party Tournament

Despite this being a pool party, there was also a tournament with $5000 in prizes! The field was stacked with Grandmasters, Masters Tour regulars, and even a Hearthstone World Champion. 

The 16 players battled in double-elimination groups of 4 to advance to the final Top 8 bracket. With an extremely fresh meta, innovative players had an edge over the field. However, it seems that Hearthstone fundamentals ruled Solary Party.

Solary Hearthstone Party Bracket
Solary Hearthstone Party Bracket

Feno, just as he did some weeks ago in Thijs’ TwitchCon Tavern, spent his mana and won the whole thing! He didn’t lose a single series in the tournament. Despite this, he can’t say he was undefeated. 

During the Top 4 match, Feno faced Jambre, who had a great start with his Priest. In complete Feno fashion, the greek player attempted to send an in-game message to his opponent to tell him to “CALM DOWN DOOOODE”. However, things didn’t go as expected.

Feno contemplating his Solary Hearthstone party Trophy
Feno contemplating his Solary Hearthstone party Trophy

Feel free to check the full bracket, matches results and player’s lineups on the Solary Hearthstone Party Battlefy tournament page. 

Party Highlights

The tournament was not the only event that took place at Solary Hearthstone Party. The weekend-long celebration saw many players compete in all sorts of games. Trivia, egg races, rotating ping-pong and object throwing competitions (including players), were only some of the games in the venue. 

All the Solary Hearthstone Party action was covered on Solary’s Twitch channel in French. Moreover, Feno provided English coverage alongside Darroch Brown and whoever else wanted to be part of the show.

You can check the full two-day stream VoDs but maybe you are better checking the highlights posted on SolaryTv’s Twitter account for the highlights. All the incredible moments lived in Solary Hearthstone Party demonstrate the huge impact of LAN events in the scene. 

After playing two lan tournaments in a row i gotta say that we gotta bring them back. It's just completely different being in person, everyone is way more excited and the energy is way different.

Less than a month ago we saw Hearthstone back at TwitchCon with Thijs’ Tavern. This past weekend, the Solary Hearthstone Party united players under a bigger cause than just a competition. Where next?

As always, stay tuned to to find out. See you next time in the tavern.