The 28.0.2 patch notes bring as a cost nerf to The Azerite Snake, a Warlock card that’s been stirring up a heaping helping of trouble.

You know a card is too rootin' and tootin' when it gets nerfed less than a week after release. The Showdown in the Badlands brings a bunch of new and bad hombres to the Hearthstone cantina. However, none has immediately put the dread in its foes faster than The Azerite Snake. It was 4-cost, dual-type creature with the potential to sap all the gusto out of any cowboy. However, an Azerite Snake nerf pushed out with the 28.0.2 patch hopes to corral the critter awful quick.

Let's look at the full patch notes, together, as a posse.

28.0.2 patch notes: Azerite Snake nerf, ya'll

Azerite Snake (the Warlock Excavate Treasure)

  • Old: 4 Mana
  • New: 6 Mana

Magister Dawngrasp

  • Temporarily banned in all Modes.

"There are limits to what we can do a server-side hotfix," Blizzard says in their explainer of the Azerite Snake nerf. "First, we can only adjust the “big numbers” like stats and cost. Stats are not the problem on this card, so we’re increasing the cost here."

This implies that further changes may be coming even past the 28.0.2 patch notes, but for now you'll just have to settle for a higher casting cost.

Is this enough to wrangle such an ornery beast? In fairness, there's already a few gates in the way of truly making Azerite Snake busted. It's a non-demon creature, exclusive to Warlocks, and also hidden underneath an Excavate trigger.

Given that Warlocks don't have too many extreme ways to take advantage of Battlecry, further changes may not fully be needed. However, this may not be the last time we hear someone doing their best Woody from Toy Story impression when crying wolf snake.

Let's see if this curtails the power of Excavate Warlock in the coming weeks.

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