Alkali talked with The Angry Chicken Podcast about the new upcoming Hearthstone Creator Program. Let’s go over the details.

Alkali, part of the Hearthstone Community Manager Team, went live in The Angry Chicken podcast to talk about the new Creator Program. During the interview, Alkali gave details of the upcoming Creator Program and what are Hearthstone’s goals for it. Join us in this recap that promises to help develop the next generation of content creators.

Alkali in The Angry Chicken Podcast
Alkali in The Angry Chicken Podcast

What is the Hearthstone Creator Program?

As we were teased in our exclusive interview with Alkali, Hearthstone Creator Program is something the CM Team wanted to be done “yesterday”. But what does it imply? The most basic description would be “a way for our creators to have access to the tools that they need to be successful” Alkali said on The Angry Chicken Podcast.

The Hearthstone Creator Program was born as the answer to a simple question: “How do we answer the most common questions for our creators, and how do we give them those tools?” according to Alkali. But it is not just helping or supporting creators, it's also a way to source new creators.

“The main goal is to source new content creators. Help me find you. We need to develop the next generation of content creators”Alkali about hearthstone's Creator program

When will we have the Hearthstone Creator Program Online?

There are no specific dates for launch yet, and Alkali said we should expect a big blog post with more details before launch. However, she created some expectations on when the Hearthstone Creator Program will be launched: “We are going to have Version 1, sometime around the next expansion launch”.

We are still holding our breath during our Voyage to the Sunken City, but it’s no secret that there will be a future expansion somewhere around September. The project has many people involved and, despite it will launch in stages, it is ambitious. According to Alkali, the Creator Program will have its own space on Hearthstone’s website and will serve as a landing page for people that have questions on where to start their creator path.

Who is this program aimed at?

In Alkali's words, “We are looking for anybody that is doing Hearthstone content” to join the Creator Program. Of course, there will be some minimum requirements, such as followers, consistency, and other stats across platforms.

However, the Hearthstone CM team still encourages people to apply regardless they meet or not the requirements. There are always “special circumstances” and reasons why some creators are worth support outside pure raw stats.

Furthermore, during the chat, Alkali talked about how Hearthstone’s Creator Program would be a new way of matching opportunities with content creators. Being the biggest content creator out there doesn’t necessarily mean that you are the best fit for every opportunity.

Some situations indeed require to reach, but others might need some special skills or a cool personality. On top of that, Alkali highlighted the importance of timing when creators get their golden opportunities.

“It doesn't make sense to give somebody an opportunity at a spot where the bump in visibility will not going to help them, but if the bump in visibility is going to push somebody into Partnership status and help prevent burnout, those are things that I personally going to keep an eye on.”

Alkali about giving opportunities to creators

Final comments

Hearthstone Creator Program will be divided into Tiers. Creators need a different type of support depending on which part they are in their careers. There is an active effort to provide creators with tools such as assets and overlays. However, there is no centralized spot for creators.

This Creator Program also aims to create a hun in which Hearthstone content creators can help each other out. Alkali stresses the importance of this aspect: “Once people are in the Creator Program, they are amongst their peers. This makes it easier to open communication with your peers.”

As a last comment, Alkali mentioned that the Creators Program will launch on a small scale. This means that it won’t be available in every region, but they aim to include them along the way. Feel free to check the full The Angry Chicken Podcast in the following video.

We still have much to learn about Hearthstone’s Creator Program, but for all of you out there who make content, stay tuned for more news and updates. See you next time, in the tavern.