XSET announced the signing of Crowd Pleasers after performing well online.

XSET announced the signing of their first Halo Championship Series (HCS) roster by picking up the Crowd Pleasers. Fresh off back-to-back top 12 placings, XSET is looking to make a big splash in the rapidly growing esport.

XSET Join the HCS

XSET picked up the Crowd Pleasers roster centered around longtime Halo duo Carlos “Cratos” Ayala Jr and Ayden “Suspector” Hill. Famous for their 2nd place finish in the Halo World Championship 2016, the roster is looking to capitalize on the early game success they have been known for.

I am super excited to be playing a new game that’s super fun. I’m working every single day all day to be the last team standing at every event.

Carlos “Cratos” Ayala Jr

So far, the roster has certainly lived up to their name with back-to-back 9-12th placements in the two HCS qualifiers thus far. If you are looking to #ReptheSet in-game, you will have to wait as team skins are only available for HCS Partner Program teams.

There is no word on when organizations like the Kansas City Pioneers or XSET will be able to join the program, but that hasn’t stopped them from investing resources into the popular arena shooter.

HCS Raleigh Preview

North American Halo has taken all the news recently with Optic Halo playing the early favorite heading into HCS Raleigh. Back-to-back performances for the Green Wall have left teams scrambling for answers with only Cloud9 offering any resistance whatsoever.

While the Sentinels were seen as the team to beat, the former dynasty has stumbled out of the gate. There have been complaints about the b03 format for later rounds, and Faceit was quick to announce a fix for future online open series.

Over in Europe, Cartel has emerged as the team to beat winning back-to-back Open Series. Partner programs Fnatic, FaZe Clan, and Spacestation Gaming have either yet to announce a roster or are still trialing new teammates as rumors spread of roster changes, mystery pickups, and more.

For everything HCS, follow our Halo coverage for the latest esports news and more!

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