Spacestation Gaming wins HCS Major Arlington after defeating host OpTic Gaming cover image

Spacestation Gaming wins HCS Major Arlington after defeating host OpTic Gaming

Spacestation Gaming prevented a bracket reset from OpTic Gaming and take home the trophy at HCS Major Arlington.

The first Halo Championship Series Major of 2024, hosted by OpTic Gaming in Arlington, saw the hosts in the Grand Final. The HCS Major Arlington came down to Spacestation Gaming and OpTic Gaming in a best-of-seven, with the potential for a bracket reset. It wouldn't be, however, as SSG dominated the final two maps for the victory.

Read on for a look at Spacestation Gaming's weekend at HCS Major Arlington, and how the Grand Final shaped up.

Spacestation Gaming are your 2024 HCS Major Arlington Champions

Congratulations to Spacestation Gaming on winning the HCS Major Arlington:

  • Adam "Bound" Gray
  • Kevin "Eco" Smith
  • Braedon "StelluR" Boettcher
  • Kaci "Lqgend" Sabri
    • First international player to win a Halo Major

The team started the Championship Bracket hot and never looked back. Here are the results:

  • 3-1 over Quadrant
  • 3-1 over Shopify Rebellion
  • 3-2 over OpTic Gaming

OpTic strong-armed their way through the Elimination Bracket, gaining a rematch against SSG in the Grand Final.

OG vs. SSG - Grand Final results

OpTic Gaming
Game 1: KOTH
Live Fire
Spacestation Gaming
Game 2: Slayer
OpTic Gaming
Game 3: CTF
OpTic Gaming
Game 4: Oddball
Spacestation Gaming
Game 5: Slayer
Live Fire
Spacestation Gaming
Game 6: Strongholds
Spacestation Gaming
Game 7: Slayer
First Best-of-Seven

The Game 3: CTF on Empyrean is the standout map for OpTic. It went to overtime, which saw that time run out. The reset of the map was then a first-to-one victory for OG.

The standout map for Spacestation was Game 6: Strongholds on Solitude. They broke the trend of extremely close games and utterly dominated OG there.

That's the momentum they needed to break OpTic Gaming's mental and take it in the final Slayer. Finishing it off without a bracket reset, Spacestation Gaming took home the HCS Major Arlington Championship.

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