Find out who will be allowed to co-stream HCS events throughout Halo Infinite

A report came out on Thursday from Jake Lucky, that Halo Infinite will be allowing co-streaming by Twitch streamers for HCS events.

Streamers will be allowed to co-stream HCS events, with a partnership program as well

While not 100% confirmed, it was reported by Jake Lucky via Twitter, that streamers will be allowed to co-stream any and all HCS events throughout Halo Infinite. This also includes a partnership program for more popular streamers too.

So what is co-streaming? Well, it is quite simple. Any and all streamers will be allowed to watch any HCS through their personal Twitch or Youtube. The most common name for this would be a “watch party”. Basically the streamer watches the event on the HCS channel, but is broadcasting it to their personal stream. The streamer could provide insight on the action, be joking around with their fans, or simply have a relaxing setting for casual fans.

The partnership program will most likely be for more well-known streamers. It will reportedly allow those streamers to have exclusive drops and prizes for people watching their stream. This is a tremendous opportunity for Halo to bring in a boatload of viewers for their HCS events. This will allow fans to really engage in the game, and provide them a chance to watch from different perspectives.

Call of Duty takes a massive blow with this news

It certainly take long for people to start referencing Call of Duty in response to this news. The unspoken rivalry between the two controller Esports hasn’t been much of one with the long absence of Halo over the last few years. However, it certainly has kicked up to another level in regards to a potential viewership battle.

The CDL has struggled mightily to maintain viewership during events. The COVID-19 pandemic was expected to propel viewership, but that never really came to fruition. It was quite puzzling, considering the all-new CDL had just launched. The league was certainly put to the test by working remotely for nearly two years, so they cannot be ragged on too hard. Perhaps the return of fans at events will be of benefit. 

Nevertheless, it will be a question mark for the CDL as they head into their third season. On the other hand, Halo has already discarded that concern. It is a win for Halo as a whole, and every streamer that aspires to grow their own personal brand through Halo and HCS events.

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