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Halo Infinite: How to get the HCS esports skins

The Halo Championship Series offically kicks off on December 17.

The Halo Championship Series officially kicks off in December with the Kickoff Major. Each team will be honored with their own HCS esports team bundle to celebrate the launch of Halo Infinite. Players and fans alike can represent their favorite team for a small fee.

How do you unlock a HCS skin?

The way in which you unlock an HCS skin bundle is quite simple. From the start menu, players should click on the shop icon at the top of the screen. Once players have done that they will be met with the shop hub. In the bottom left corner, there will be a section called "HCS offers". Once selected players will then get the option of selecting which HCS skin they would like to purchase. Each team's bundle will cost 1,000 in-game credits ($10).

Here is every HCS bundle and what you will get with them:

Cloud9 HCS Esports Team Bundle

Cloud9's HCS bundle will be donning the new black and blue colors they have been using over the past couple of years. Cloud9's skin has been wildly praised by the Halo community for its mean and authoritative design. The BR75 will also have a black and blue design.

EUnited HCS Esports Team Bundle

EUnited has a fitting patriotic design with Red, White, and Blue. The left side of the armor will be coated in blue while the right side will be rocking Red. The EUnited BR75 will see the majority of the rifle in White, the handle of the gun Red and the scope/muzzle in blue.

FaZe Clan HCS Esports Team Bundle

It wouldn't be FaZe Clan without looking the part. FaZe's HCS bundle is slightly different from the rest with the fact their armor will feature camouflaged skin. FaZe's primary colors will be a Black core with a Red camouflage with a touch of white on the arms and kneecaps. The BR75 will be primarily White with Red and Black being the secondary colors.

Fnatic HCS Esports Team Bundle

Fnatic's bundle is simple yet elegant with the armor's core being in black with orange heavily featuring on the left arm and the calves. The Battle Rifle will heavily feature in orange with black as a secondary color for both the grip and the scope.

Team Envy HCS Esports Team Bundle

While Team Envy will be rocking a similar color pallet to Cloud9, their's is a more generic design with a black core along with blue on the arms as a secondary color. Where Envy's BR75 differentiates from C9's is the body of the gun is white followed by black and blue as secondary colors.

Spacestation Gaming HCS Esports Team Bundle

With black and gold being a frequently pairing, everything went together nicely for Spacestations design. Spacestation's armor features a lighter black with gold as the secondary color across the entire armor. This design follows over to the BR75.

Sentinels HCS Esports Team Bundle

Sentinels HCS bundle follows a very similar design to Fnatic. Their primary color is a light grey followed by the left arm featuring the Sentinels colors of black and red. The BR75 features a mixture of all of these colors and arguably looks the best.

Natus Vincere HCS Esports Team Bundle

Natus Vincere's armor will be a breath of fresh air for players who are tired of the generic colors that have featured heavily in this article. As expected the NaVi article heavily centers around its yellow and black colors. This is the same for its BR75 which is dominated by yellow.

G2 Esports HCS Esports Team Bundle

And now back to the generic colors (love you G2). G2 Esports has a slightly different look to the rest of the teams as theirs include multiple colors. The core of the armor is black followed by grey for the chest and red for the arms and calves. This is also the case for their BR75 which is predominantly grey with black and red as secondary colors.

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