Former world champions Formal is joining OpTic Halo following Pistola’s unfortunate departure.

OpTic Gaming have announced the addition of Matthew "Formal" Piper to their Halo Roster. He will be replacing Pistola in the lineup following the team's second place finish at HCS Anaheim.

Formal Joins OpTic Halo

The announcement, which came via the OpTic Gaming twitter page, was met with resounding joy by many of the Greenwall fans. The former CoD and Halo world champion has been affiliated with OpTic for a number of years; having won multiple titles under the organization. He made his return to Halo as a substitute for Sentinels following his retirement from professional Call of Duty in August 2021.

Formal played for Sentinels during the first four weeks of the pro league, having come in as a substitute player for the team following Royal2's suspension back in December. His slaying ability and his solid communication skills will most definitely be great assets for OpTic as they look to improve upon their second place finish at Anaheim.

Pistola Taking A Backseat

With a big roster change like this there is of course going to be a big loser in this. And unfortunately this time it was Pistola who found himself on the chopping block.

Pistola had been with this roster for almost two years. He initially signed on with Team Envy in 2020 before their high profile merger with Optic Gaming in saw him and his teammates being inducted into the Greenwall. Though the team have had some decent placings thus far in the season, Pistola has seemingly looked a shadow of his former self.

Pistola has stated that he will continue to keep himself in shape throughout the season in the hopes that he gets picked up by another team soon. Given his vast experience within the HCS, it shouldn't be long before we see Pistola back in the league.