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To celebrate the Xbox’s 20th anniversary, Microsoft and 343 Studios surprised the Halo community with the launch of the Halo Infinite multiplayer. While the game is not out until December, fans can now download the multiplayer for free. With every new Halo comes brand-new weapons to try out. Here is a breakdown of every weapon in the Halo Infinite multiplayer.


MA40 AR Halo Infinite

The MA40 AR stands the test of time with this Assault Rifle being a staple gun in the Halo franchise. Upon using it during the multiplayer launch, the MA40 feels relatively weaker than its previous versions. This is a surprise given how poor the gun has been in previous Halo’s. In casual play, players can expect to see this gun frequently used, for hardcore players, however, their sidearm is found to be more effective for headshots.

Pulse Carbine

Pulse Carbine Halo Infinite

The Covenants answer to the Battle Rifle, the Pulse Carbine returns in a slightly different skin as compared to its Halo 5 counterparts. The Pulse Carbine is a burst weapon that excels at close-quarters combat. Players trying to use this exactly like the Battle Rifle will find it difficult to replicate the same results due to the travel time between each burst.

BR75 – Battle Rifle

BR75 - Battle Rifle Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite’s Battle Rifle is probably my go-to gun at the moment. Fans of this gun from previous Halo’s won’t find it difficult to pick this gun up and wreak havoc. Infinite’s BR75 works as a tradition with past versions of the BR. If you are accurate, this gun will kill in four bursts, providing you are accurate on the headshot, of course.

The BR is good from most ranges and is probably one of the best guns in the game upon launch. New players should definitely start practicing with this gun if they are to eventually transition over to competitive where headshot accuracy is key.

VK78 Commando

VK78 Commando Halo Infinite

While many believed this to be the replacement for the highly popular DMR, the Commando is very different in how it plays. The VK78 is a slow-firing automatic rifle from the UNCS. Headshots with this weapon are lethal and players should opt into bursting with this weapon from a distance.

Shock rifle

Halo Infinite Shock Rifle

The shock rifle is not for the light-hearted and should only be used by headshot professionals. This advanced gun fires at least five bullets and in the right hands can be extremely dangerous. If you are accurate then you will find great success with the Shock rifle.

MK50 Sidekick

MK50 Sidekick Halo Infinite

The pistol we all know and love. The MK50 Sidekick is Halo Infinite’s version of the sidearm that has played a major role in every Halo multiplayer. Newer players looking to jump into competition quickly should start by using the pistol only in unrated mode first. Getting used to burst weapons and strafing will go a long way.


Halo Infinite Mangler

The Mangler is a Halo’s version of a revolver. Firing eight rounds in a mag, the Mangler is effective at close range and can break an opponent’s shield pretty quickly. As seen in the recent HCS tournament, pros are using the Mangler to break shields before switching back to the BR for a quick headshot. The ultimate sidekick.

Plasma pistol

Halo Infinite Plasma Pistol

To be short and sweet, the Plasma pistol sucks on Halo Infinite’s multiplayer. While it could be useful to take down vehicles if you are coming up against a weapon with the Plasma pistol you will be laughing all the way home.


Halo Infinite Disruptor

A name that is fit for its purpose, the Disruptor is the ultimate weapon for causing chaos on the battlefield. The Disruptor is an electrically charged sidearm and when fired will produce increasing damage over time through an electric shock. When used on vehicles, they will be disabled for a small period of time.

CQS48 Bulldog

CQS48 Bulldog Halo Infinite

One of the best weapons in the game at close quarters combat. The Bulldog is the ultimate objective weapon when there are multiple enemies occupying a single vicinity. While it has no use for long-range engagements, Halo Infinite’s shotgun packs a punch. Players using the Bulldog can easily disable shields and cause havoc in an enclosed environment. Oddball is an amazing mode for this weapon when you are defending a room or a small hallway.


Halo Infinite Heatwave

Another amazing weapon for objective modes, the Heatwave offers a unique experience for Halo Infinite players. What makes the Heatwave a unique weapon is its two different modes. Players can either select the Heatwave to shoot energy ammo vertically or horizontally. When fired, the energy bullets ricochet off surfaces and fire in multiple directions. This would be extremely effective on either Oddball or Stronghold when the enemy is camped out in one area.

Sentinel beam

Halo Infinite Sentinel Beam

The Sentinel beam has been in Halo for a long time and it remains a featured gun in the Halo Infinite multiplayer. Not much has changed with the Sentinel beam for this Halo. The energy weapon is still extremely dangerous in the right hands and has a short time to kill if you are accurate.


Halo Infinite Needler

One of Halo’s signature weapons, the Needler makes its rightful return in Halo Infinite. Veterans of the futuristic first-person shooter will need no introduction to this weapon, but for new players, here is the rundown. The Needler fires rounds of spikes that target an enemy when accurate, if enough rounds hit the enemy it will execute them. While it is not as strong as previous versions, the Needler is still a very good weapon to use for all skill levels.

Stalker Rifle

Halo Infinite Stalker Rifle

The Stalker Rifle is one of the equivalents to the beloved DMR from previous Halo’s. The Stalker Rifle is more effective the further away you are from a target. Players with good aim will reap the rewards this gun has to offer and is effective in all game modes.

S7 Sniper

Halo Infinite S7 sniper

The S7 Sniper is a high-risk, high-reward weapon and rewards only the accurate. When used correctly the Sniper is lethal with its high damage. For newer players, it would take a lot of time to get used to. Many professionals like to combo this weapon with the Battle Rifle for maximum efficiency.


Halo Infinite Skewer

The title for the best high-risk, high reward weapon has to go to the Skewer. From any range, this weapon is a one-shot kill. The offputting feature about this weapon is its extremely long recharge between shots, which makes it ineffective for competitive when the action is extremely fast-paced.


Halo Infinite Cindershot

The Cindershot is a unique weapon that is more suited for skilled players. Similar to the Heatwave weapon, Cindershot has two different firing variations. Left-clicking will fire multiple energy projectiles that will bounce upon impact to a surface. Right-clicking the Cindershot will allow players to control where you are firing the projectiles.


Halo Infinite Ravager

If you come across an enemy with a Ravager, run. This burst fire weapon is extremely punishing at close range and will even kill you from splash damage if you are not careful. The Ravager also features a blade at the end of the weapon for tough hitting melee strikes.


Halo Infinite Hydra

A weapon that is seen more frequently in larger-scale maps, the Hydra is a missile launcher that fires smaller rockets in a straight line. This weapon should not be treated the same as the SPNKR, the Hyrda’s area effect does not do equal damage to the SPNKR and should be used more as an on-hit weapon.


Halo Infinite M1 SPNKR

The M41 SPNKR is the ultimate game-changer for competitive game modes. In the ranked arena, the Rocket Launcher only has two rockets for players to use, making them extremely valuable in the right hands. On Streets, this Halo Infinite weapon is highly contested from the get-go as it is located in the middle of the map.

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