Guilty Gear Strive’s newest character is Sin Kiske cover image

Guilty Gear Strive’s newest character is Sin Kiske

Guilty Gear Strive’s second season pass character is Sin, the son of Ky Kiske

Guilty Gear Strive continues to excite with new character reveals as Sin Kiske is revealed as the next second season pass character. Sin’s inclusion to GGS was announced as part of an IGN Live Stream on November 21st, 2022.

The reveal was first teased on GGS developer Arc System Work’s Twitter before being confirmed a few hours later. But not before the account had some fun trolling players by teasing a Kum Haeyun reveal.

However, the reveal ultimately unveiled Sin, the son of Ky Kiske and Dizzy, who first joined the game in Guilty Gear 2. Sin is technically a quarter gear, with his mother, Dizzy, being a half gear. This means his appearance is much older than he technically is.

All about Sin Kiske

(Image via Arc Sys Works/IGN)
(Image via Arc Sys Works/IGN)

Sin Kiske makes his return for the first time since Guilty Gear Xrd. Technically, keen-eyed fans had already spotted Sin Kiske in the epilogue of GGS. However, the new Sin seems a lot different to many of his previous appearances. Sin uses a flag pole as a weapon, as always, but his style is much changed.

The focus on magic and summons is completely gone. Instead the new Sin seems more like a  more conventional brawler, with some neat movement tech thrown in. For his first Overdrive, RTL, he moves across the screen, in a directed trio of powered dashes. This comes out in three ticks, which means you can use it to potentially air juggle, or redirect into players who’ve dodged your attack. Tyrant Burrow is his second Overdrive and works with careful timing. This pair of Overdrive attacks are some of the most unique in the game.

Overall, some GG fans are disappointed at the inclusion of Sin, while others are just excited to see a long-time character return to the series. Whatever your stance, GGS’s diverse group of characters continues to grow, and there’s still more characters left on this season pass!

How to unlock Sin Kiske

(Image via Arc Sys Works)
(Image via Arc Sys Works)

Sin Kiske drops into Guilty Gear Strive on November 24th. To grab him, make sure you purchase the GGST Season Pass 2 which will eventually contain four characters, including Bridget, Sin, and two others to be revealed later.

For any players that had purchased the prior Bridget DLC individually, a 15% discount is currently available for the individual Sin DLC. He will also be available for anyone who has purchased Guilty Gear Strive Season Pass 2.

Guilty Gear Strive Season Pass 2 is now available for $24.99. The second season pass contains four characters (Bridget, Sin Kiske, and two additional characters to be released later), two battle stages (to be released later), and the Guilty Gear Strive Additional Color Pack #2.

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