Xbox Series X price to increase in most countries cover image

Xbox Series X price to increase in most countries

The popular gaming console is set to rise in price in various countries.

No one is safe in this world from inflation, not even gamers. Various prices for different game systems, games and subscriptions are on the rise. Among these is the Xbox Series X, which is now set to increase its price in various countries.

In fact, the Xbox Series X will only stay at its current price ($499 USD) in only five countries. These countries include the US, Japan, Chile, Brazil and Columbia. The new price for the gaming system will be the same as the PS5, which currently is selling for $543 USD.

Xbox Series X to have a price increase, making it the same as the PS5

Xbox gatekeepers will no longer be able to argue that the Xbox is better due to its lower price. The popular gaming system is getting close to a $50 increase in pricing, making it the same price as a PS5.

The Xbox is not the only Microsoft gaming product increasing in price. The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is set to increase by $2 ($14.99 to $16.99) and the Xbox Game Pass is set to increase by $1 ($9.99 to $10.99).

Luckily, PC players do not have to worry, as the PC Game Pass will not change in pricing anytime soon.

This news comes recently after Twitch announced that Twitch Turbo was getting a $3 price increase, upping the subscription service from $8.99 to $11.99. This was not received well by fans of the streaming platform, as the company has already been accused of being money hungry.

Twitch Turbo
Twitch Turbo

Even earlier this year, Nintendo started charging around $70 for their Switch games instead of $60, which is a pretty hefty increase.

Will more gaming content rise in pricing?

Unfortunately, I think the trend of prices rising in the gaming industry is not going away anytime soon. Hopefully, the industry is not affected too much for the time being.

So, will you still be looking to purchase an Xbox Series X?

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