Twitch Turbo now costs more per year after price increase cover image

Twitch Turbo now costs more per year after price increase


Twitch Turbo is getting a price increase starting today. See if your region is seeing a price bump.

How much do you value a lack of ads in your viewing experience? Twitch is about to test that resolve, as it announced a monthly price increase in the United States and other countries for its Twitch Turbo service. In addition to removing ads, Turbo also allows a few quality-of-life improvements such as increased length of VOD storage, custom colors on user names, and more.

The move comes at a time when more traditional streaming services are either increasing its prices, or in the case of Netflix, charging more per month for additional viewers. Twitch commented on the price change, saying "we have adjusted Turbo prices globally as part of our efforts to help creators build and grow their communities worldwide."

Twitch Turbo Price: Worth it?

The Twitch Turbo price change, live today, differs depending on your country. Here's the full list of prices per month.

Prices by region

  • Canada - $13.99
  • United States - $11.99
  • Australia - $15.99 AUD
  • Hong Kong - $76.99 HKD
  • Japan - ¥1,499.00 JPY
  • New Zealand - $17.99 NZD
  • Singapore - $14.99 SGD
  • South Korea - ₩12,999.00 KRW
  • Taiwan - $189.00 TWD
  • Thailand - ฿165.00 THB
  • Argentina - $4.99 USD
  • Brazil - R$26.99 BRL
  • Chile - $5,720.00 CLP
  • Columbia - $4.99 USD
  • Mexico - $115.00 MXN
  • Austria - €11.99 EUR
  • Belgium - €11.99 EUR
  • Denmark - 89.00 Kr
  • Finland - €11.99 EUR
  • France - €11.99 EUR
  • Germany - €11.99 EUR
  • Ireland - €11.99 EUR
  • Italy - €11.99 EUR
  • Netherlands - €11.99 EUR
  • Norway - 139.00 kr
  • Poland - €11.99 EUR
  • Russia - ₽312.99
  • Spain - €11.99 EUR
  • Sweden - 129.00 kr
  • Switzerland - 11.99 CHF
  • Turkey - $6.99 USD
  • Ukraine - $6.99 USD
  • United Kingdom - £11.99 GBP

Is it still worth the money? That entirely depends on if you're a daily user of Twitch or not. For most regions, Twitch Turbo now costs as much as some mainline streaming services such as Disney+ and MAX. Whether or not there's a value in that content for you is entirely subjective.

But don't be surprised if this isn't the last time we see a Twitch Turbo price change.

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Will Jagielski-Harrison
Will Jagielski-Harrison
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