University of Nevada on reaching University Carnival, Genshin Impact mains and prize pool spending cover image

University of Nevada on reaching University Carnival, Genshin Impact mains and prize pool spending

After a strong round, University of Nevada, Reno spoke to the broadcast.

The University of Nevada Reno is currently performing extremely well at the Genshin Impact University Carnival USA tournament. The squad breezed their way through the quarterfinals and looked good doing it. Nevada breezed through the Boss Rush with the quickest time. Following their round, the squad spoke to broadcast for an interview.

Q: Congratulations once again boys, how are you guys feeling, are you happy to be here? How excited are you?

Maxwellis: Oh yeah, yeah, we're super excited to be here. We signed up on a fluke honestly, it's just kind of on a whim but we put in so much practice over the last week or two and just we've gone all out.

Q: So can you tell us about the thought process behind the strategies you came up with and how you picked your teams?

ChrisP: So for our strategies, they all kind of revolved around two characters as you probably saw during the stream Bennet and Xingqiu they were really kind of the make or break for a lot of the bosses, but for some of them we did vary slightly.

We tested different team comps to see what would work best, especially because the game didn't progress per se. There's a lot more environmental stuff like with Maguu Kenki being always in the rain. We kind of had to swap up a little bit sort of the last minute but we made everything work.

Q: Alright so in the finals, you will be able to ban things away, is there anything you are going to take away from the other team?

Omni: Oh, I'm not too sure who we're gonna try and ban but hopefully none of our main characters gets banned [laughs].

Q: Very quickly for the crowd, who are your mains and what would you do with the money if you win?

Maxwellis: Shene. For me at least I'm either putting it right back into the game or it's going into tuition.

ChrisP: Keqing. I'm either just gonna start saving it and look for something stupid to burn it on or put it back into tuition [laughs].

Omni: Zhongli. That's going right into tuition baby [laughs]

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