Undertale music fans are begging Spotify to remove the DSMP genre cover image

Undertale music fans are begging Spotify to remove the DSMP genre

Dream SMP is once again trending on Twitter, and not for the reasons you might expect.

Dream SMP has taken over Twitter, but this time it’s not the Dream Stans. “SPOTIFY REMOVE THE DSMP GENRE” started trending on Twitter on November 17th, as distressed Spotify listeners released their music taste had inadvertently lumped them in with Dream SMP fans.

The DSMP genre on the Spotify app had expanded to include songs by Undertale and Deltarune creator Toby Fox. As a result, fans attempting to enjoy Fox’s music were inundated with recommendations and playlists that incorporated the Dream SMP music, such as Derivakat, Amanda Fagan, and even Dream’s own auto-tuned monstrosity Mask.

The categorization is causing even more worries for Spotify listeners than usually, due to the time of year. Spotify Wrapped has become a seasonal tradition, with Spotify users reveling in the shame and pride that comes with revealing their listing habits. However, fans of Toby Fox’s music aren’t too happy that they’ll be outed as un-willing Dream SMP stans.

Toby Fox and Dream SMP

Toby Fox is the lead developer and creator of Undertale and Deltarune. Before that, he also created music for the online interactive narrative series Homestuck, and some of his original tracks from Homestuck made their way into Undertale.

Undertale’s nostalgic and unique chiptunes-inspired soundtrack is a favorite among many, even those who aren’t out-and-out fans of the game. The crossover between Dream SMP and Undertale seems to be down to Dream SMP member Ranboo, who occasionally uses the Fallen Down Reprise track from undertale in his videos or as his theme music.

As a result, Spotify has classed all of Undertale’s music under the Dream SMP genre, making it the bane of many Toby Fox fan’s existence. However, this issue of Undertale music being lumped in with Dream SMP music has been an issue for a while, with the first reference made over a year ago in a Reddit thread. So while fans can beg on Twitter, don’t expect to be free from the Spotify Wrapped shame this winter.