Twitch Rivals holds Streamer Bowl V: Tailgate Edition with $50,000 prize pool cover image

Twitch Rivals holds Streamer Bowl V: Tailgate Edition with $50,000 prize pool

The Streamer Bowl V: Tailgate Edition took place just days before the Super Bowl. Did you watch it?

The Super Bowl has concluded with the Chiefs taking home the win. Before the popular event took place, though, the infamous Streamer Bowl V: Tailgate Edition was held, with top NFL players competing with and against some of the best gamers.

The event, which had a $50,000 prize pool that went to charity, consisted of games held on the popular arcade title "Wild Card Football."

NFL x Gaming: Duos for the Streamer Bowl V consisted of gamers and NFL players

The event, which was held on February 8 and 9, 2023, had multiple teams consisting of one NFL player and one popular content creator. Among the NFL players were names like Trevor Lawrence, Jordan Love and more. Creator names consisted of stars like LuLuLuvely, NiceWigg and more.

With $50,000 in prizes going directly to charity on the line, every team showed up ready to compete.

The tournament took on a 2v2 style of bracket, where each dup would have to face another team to move forward. After multiple rounds, only one team was able to walk away with first place.

Streamer Bowl V: Tailgate Edition top 3:

  • 1st - NiceWigg / Trevor Lawrence
  • 2nd - LuluLuvely / Jordan Love
  • 3rd - erobb221 / Tua Tagovailoa

The Streamer Bowl V, which took place in North America, has held impressive numbers since its debut back in 2020.

Streamer Bowl V peaks at 41,000 viewers

While the fifth Streamer Bowl may not have been as popular, due to the fact that the last Streamer Bowls were held within the popular game Fortnite, the event still had quite the viewership. With an average of 33,000 viewers and a peak of 41,000 viewers, this event was nothing short of popular.

With multiple creators streaming their POVs, the game held a heavy amount of coverage. Twitch Rivals themselves had quite a successful broadcast, but Tyler1 had the highest peak in viewers on his Twitch channel, reaching just above 10,000 people.

The Streamer Bowl continues to turn heads, combining the world of gaming and sports for some of the best action out there.

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