Twitch ends operations in Korea in 2024 cover image

Twitch ends operations in Korea in 2024

Twitch will end activities in Korea due to high costs.

In a blog post, Twitch CEO Dan Clancy announced that the platform will end operations in Korea on February 27, 2024. The decision followed "several years of consideration and effort to find a way to continue operating in Korea."

Screenshot of the announcement (Image via Twitch)
Screenshot of the announcement (Image via Twitch)

Why is Twitch ending operations in Korea?

Twitch's decision to end operations in Korea in 2024 was based on "prohibitively high" operating costs. In the announcement , the platform went further, stating that they had made efforts to reduce these costs, but that "the network fees in Korea were 10 times higher than in most other countries."

Clancy also recognized the importance of a transition to other streaming platforms.

"Therefore, to ensure a smooth transition of the community, we will support streamers to use the notification feature (Onsite Message) within the Twitch service and post links to other services," the post stated. "In addition, we plan to discuss with the relevant companies to see if there is anything we can do to help with transferring the community to other services, and we will inform you of any progress in this regard."

Screenshot of Kick's statement (Image via X)
Screenshot of Kick's statement (Image via X)

New home for Korean streamers?

Founded in 2022, Australian streaming platform Kick reacted to Clancy's announcement. On social media, the account stated, "Korean streamers have a home on Kick."

The news shook content creators as well. "I lost my job," Korean streamer yummy_2 said. She added that she lost her career and more. "Just everything will be gone."

Twitch has been going through several important decisions after allowing for multi-platform streaming in October.

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