Twitch Multiplatform streaming is officially allowed. However, there are some caveats to being able to stream across different platforms.

Twitch have unveiled new guidelines around Multiplatform streaming. This change officially allows streaming on both Twitch and other platforms such as Kick and YouTube at the same time.

Several major streamers have left the site as a result of the previous Twitch Multiplatform streaming rules, and others have rescinded their partnership status.

These new guidelines were unveiled at TwitchCon Las Vegas.

What are the new Twitch Multiplatform streaming rules?

Multiplatform streaming is now officially allowed. However, there are still some conditions that Twitch are putting in place.

Twitch's rules now read as follows:

"We are now allowing you to simulcast on any service. We believe in giving you the freedom to simultaneously stream on other services, but we also want to ensure that the Twitch user experience is not compromised. To that end, the following guidelines have been established:

  • You ensure that the quality of Twitch users’ experience of your Simulcast is, at a minimum, no less than the experience on other platforms or services, including by your engagement with the Twitch community, for example, via chat.
  • You should not provide links, or otherwise direct your community, to leave Twitch for your simulcast on other services because we value the community on Twitch and the integral role community engagement plays for all Twitch users.
  • Also, you not use third-party services that combine activity from other platforms or services on your Twitch stream during your Simulcast, such as merging chat or other features, to ensure the Twitch community is included in the entirety of the experience of your livestream.

If you fail to adhere to the Simulcast Guidelines, Twitch will send you a warning prior to taking any enforcement action."

Twitch have also decided that "Partners who left Twitch and notified us of their intent to stream on other services, and, as such, did not violate their Partner agreement, will be eligible to reinstate their Partner status."

What does this mean?

Officially, you can stream to websites like YouTube and Kick while also streaming on Twitch. This is a big deal especially for streamers who have sizeable audiences on Twitch, but are attracted by Kick's revenue sharing.

It also allows content creators who might have strong YouTube followings to also livestream on that platform too.

However, the final bullet point from the new guidelines will raise some issues. This will not allow chat mergers. This also implies that you cannot have alerts from other streaming platforms displaying on your Twitch stream. This could cause some logistical challenges for streamers.

What is the reaction?

Mostly the reaction has been positive. This change was much requested. Many streamers on the platform are small. They dream of making streaming a career. The more places you can stream, the higher chance one of your streams takes off.

However, are criticising the decision not to allow features like chat merging.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the announcement is that former partners can return to Twitch. It will be interesting to see if any notable streamers return to the platform as a result of this change.

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