Lara Croft comes to MTG with Tomb Raider Magic the Gathering Secret Lair set cover image

Lara Croft comes to MTG with Tomb Raider Magic the Gathering Secret Lair set

A Tomb Raider MTG set is coming to the Magic The Gathering Secret Lair series, with a brand new Lara Croft card to boot. Here’s the cards.

Video games and Magic the Gathering: Name a more iconic (and plentiful) duo. Along with Fallout, Final Fantasy, Jurassic Park, and Doctor Who, yet another big franchise is making its way to the iconic cardboard. Announced today via IGN, the Tomb Raider MTG set is a seven-card release coming to us via Secret Lair--the game's limited press site.

What makes the Lara Croft-centric MTG set interesting is its inclusion of an original, brand new card. While six of the cards are reprints of past cards with new art, the Lara Croft card is unique, making this drop all the more special.

Let's look at the cards.

Tomb Raider MTG set spoilers

"The goal is always to create products that respect and celebrate the partner, the fans, AND that the cards in the drop feel like they belong in someone's deck," said Wizards of the Coast Senior Product Designer Daniel Nguyen to IGN.

"All are important, and it's a delicate balance to strike. There are a LOT of conversations that happen during product development with a number of different factors considered, and the inclusion of mechanically unique cards is one of them."

Honestly, the art is beautiful, the treasure token is great, and we love to see the OG Lara Croft design in a card. Commander players, take note: You'll want this Tomb Raider MTG set if you plan on ruining your friend's lives.

The Tomb Raider MTG Secret Lair set doesn't have a release date as of yet.

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