The Finals revealed its Season 3 at Summer Game Fest, giving a look at a new map, a new ranked mode, and more.

The Finals shadow dropped at The Game Awards 2023, and now more details about the first-person shooter arrive at Summer Game Fest 2024. The Finals Season 3 is on its way, with a Japan-themed maps and skins, including a new ranked mode.

Let's go over everything they announced in the short Season 3 trailer.

When does The Finals Season 3 begin?

(Image via Embark Studios)
(Image via Embark Studios)

Season 2 is winding down, so finish up your Battle Pass while you can. You've got until The Finals Season 3 kicks off on June 13.

On that Thursday, ranks will reset, a new Battle Pass will arrive, and plenty of content will be added to the game. Jump back into the arena as a contestant then to give it a try.

New Arena: Kyoto 1568

(Image via Embark Studios)
(Image via Embark Studios)

Several new contestant skins appear in a brand-new map for The Finals Season 3. From hibachi chefs to samurais and Oni warriors, they rush each other to do battle with weapons familiar and new.

The map is Kyoto 1568. With Cherry Blossoms and historic Japanese architecture, it lives up to the name. Set in Japan, around the middle of the 16th century, it looks like a very-grounded and close-ranged arena.

Terminal Attack receives a ranked mode in The Finals Season 3

(Image via Embark Studios)
(Image via Embark Studios)

Terminal Attack is The Finals' answer to Search and Destroy or other bomb-based objective modes in games like Counter-Strike and VALORANT. It was extremely popular upon its limited-time release that is was added to the game permanently.

And now, when The Finals Season 3 arrives, Terminal Attack will get its own ranked playlist. You can fight with your teammates in the one-life mode to rank up in a new environment outside of the game's traditional cashout tournament.

The World Tour is also hosting Weekly Tournaments in Season 3. More information regarding that will arrive when the season launches, but expect it to be a hot spot for the most competitive players The Finals has to offer.

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