Team Liquid will go all out in the Race to World First Vault of the Incarnates raid this December! Read on for details.

The World of Warcraft Dragonflight expansion is arriving soon, which means another epic Race to World First event! Team Liquid players aim to go all out for the Vault of the Incarnates raid this December. Read on for details!

Team Liquid and Race to World First Vault of the Incarnates

This December 13th, Liquid Guild will race against other World of Warcraft teams to get the coveted World First title. Presented by Coinbase, the event will host over 40 raiders and broadcasters. 

To cheer on the players, just head over to the team’s official Twitch channel on the morning of December 13th. The livestream will also feature two talk shows, namely the Liquid Morning Show and Liquid After Dark. 

The broadcast talent for this Race to World First Vault of the Incarnates event will include Eiya, Jet, Kalamazi, Kams, Meeix, Naguura, Preheat and Xyronic.

Liquid Guild sets to reclaim RWF crown 

Liquid Guild players are refreshed and ready to reclaim the World First crown this time around, according to the announcement. By fighting fiercely in World of Warcraft Dragonflight, they have confidence in topping even higher engagement levels compared to earlier this year:

  • 100K peak viewers across Team Liquid and Liquid Maximum’s Twitch streams
  • 13M hours watched across Team Liquid and Liquid Maximum’s Twitch streams

Back in March, the team had a difficult time during the tail end of the Sepulcher of the First Ones raid. Fortunately, Liquid Guild’s leader, Maximum, prioritized his team’s health. 

During a livestream, Maximum said his team will be flying home after a meal and resume the race after the weekend. Maximum also reiterated this over on Twitter and acknowledged Echo, whose players went on to take down the Jailer in 277 pulls.

Team Liquid Race to World First boosts fan experience 

As mentioned, the Team Liquid Race to World First Vault of the Incarnates event will be presented by Coinbase. The presenting partner will bring about content such as custom segments that feature players such as Adeen, THD and Imfiredup. 

For the fans, Secretlab will feature a chance to win a Team Liquid-branded Secretlab Titan EVO 2022 chair. Meanwhile, Honda will showcase the MVP of each day and improve the fan experience via a progression tracker. 

The Pro Lab is a training space backed by esports science
The Pro Lab is a training space backed by esports science. Image via Team Liquid, Alienware and Tiffany Peng.

Other partners will include Kingston Technology, Monster Energy, Alienware and Thorne.

In terms of where Liquid Guild’s Dragonflight action will take place, it’ll be at the Alienware Training Facility in Santa Monica, California. The location boasts rooms for scrims, The Pro Lab training room and even an on-site chef. 

According to the announcement, Team Liquid Director of Performance Chang-Hyun Ko will lead the charge in terms of assessments at The Pro Lab. There will be a customized regimen of Thorne supplements for Liquid Guild’s players.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned on for more World of Warcraft content, news and updates!

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