The World of Warcraft Variety Show will soar into the Dragonflight expansion! Here’s what to expect and how to participate in the event.

Another World of Warcraft Variety Show adventure awaits as its second episode will take flight in the new Dragonflight expansion. Read on for all the details!

“Participation in this episode’s activities have been expanded to include both EU and NA players, with spots for over 300 contestants!”

Blizzard on the World of Warcraft Variety Show

World of Warcraft Dragonflight adventures

Happening from December 10th to 11th, the World of Warcraft Variety Show will showcase new challenges, faces and prizes. The event will feature Azeroth’s newest continent.

In the inaugural event, only North American players were able to participate. However, with this second episode, the World of Warcraft Variety Show will expand on the number of spots for contestants to include North American and European players, amounting to over 300 spots.

WoW Variety Show schedule
WoW Variety Show schedule. Image via Blizzard Entertainment.

Interested World of Warcraft Dragonflight players can apply for a seat now via Blizzard’s online form. Folks are also encouraged to join the World of Warcraft Variety Show’s Discord server.

A bunch of in-game items will be at stake, including mounts, pets and game time. Both participants and those in the audience will have the opportunity to get these goodies throughout the broadcast, according to Blizzard. There will also be some surprises during the show.

What to expect at the WoW Variety Show

The event will have a bunch of exciting activities. The Leveling Race, for example, will feature four World of Warcraft celebrity contestants duking it out against monsters, one another and the “Wheel of Warcraft” to gain the most experience within one hour.

The Dracthyr Evoker in WoW Dragonflight are the game's first-ever race and combination
The Dracthyr Evoker in WoW Dragonflight are the game’s first-ever race and class combination. Image via Blizzard Entertainment.

There will also be the Dragonriding Relay, which will involve four teams racing and battling on dragonback. Each team will have one celebrity contestant plus four community participants.

Of course, day one of the World of Warcraft Variety Show will not be complete without an expedition throughout the Dragon Isles. A total of 200 players from both the North American and European regions will test their ability to find the fastest path through the leveling zones. Since spots are limited for this expedition, players are encouraged to sign up as soon as possible.

WoW Dragonriding
The new World of Warcraft expansion features Dragonriding and customizable drakes. Image via Blizzard Entertainment.

World of Warcraft Variety Show and the competitive scene

The adventures will continue into December 11th, where two teams will go through four new World of Warcraft Dragonflight dungeons. These teams will include Mythic+ personalities, according to Blizzard.

For fans of player-versus-player action, Evokers will enter the Arena on day two as well. Eight fighters will duke it out in a two-versus-two elimination bracket. This will be followed by some Solo Shuffle matches.

WoW Dragonflight release date announcement trailer. Video via Blizzard Entertainment.

Things to remember for the WoW Variety Show

Remember that the event will be accepting applications until 10 a.m. PT on November 25th. As players anticipate the community event, they can also look forward to the official launch of the World of Warcraft Dragonflight expansion. The Dragonflight release date is November 28th.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned on for more World of Warcraft content!

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