Stormgate launches Kickstarter for StarCraft-inspired RTS cover image

Stormgate launches Kickstarter for StarCraft-inspired RTS

The game is already funded, but Frost Giant Studios are giving fans a way to buy a physical edition of Stormgate.

Frost Giant Studios, the developers of Stormgate have launched a new Kickstarter to crowdfund development of the game. The Kickstarter launched on Dec. 6 and quickly surpassed its initial $100,000 goal, quickly soaring towards its stretch goals.

Stormgate, an in-development free-to-play real time strategy game is inspired by StarCraft II, Warcraft III, Red Alert 2, and other RTS classics. According to Frost Giant Studios, the game “represents our vision for the future of our favorite game genre.” The game entered alpha testing earlier this year, with pro players and several prominent RTS fans getting special access.

Frost Giant Studios stated that they’re already fully funded and set to release, but are instead using this Kickstarter as a way to fund a physical Collector's Edition of Stormgate. The Kickstarter will also be used to fund additional beta tests: 

“We think we've put together a truly special collectible for our most dedicated supporters, but producing the Stormgate Collector's Edition will require a commitment from our players to cover our manufacturing costs. We have also received countless requests for beta access. Scaling online multiplayer testing for a massive audience can get very expensive--beyond what we can support without additional funding. This campaign will allow us to welcome many more players to playtest Stormgate as a reward for directly supporting the studio.”

Pledges start at $1, but for more meaty rewards, you really want to start at $25 where the Founder’s Pack that gives you early access begins. Access to betas starts at $40, and for a physical collector’s copy of the game, you’re looking at $200. 

That may seem pricey, but remember you’re getting all previous awards, a Vulcan Mech statue, a pin set, a challenge coin, and a physical copy of the game. At the time of writing these physical editions, of which there were 5,000, were almost sold out. What’s more, a $350 signed collector’s edition sold out in just a few hours.

Stormgate seems primed to enter the scene at an exciting time. With Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard, there’s been more and more rumblings about a return to StarCraft, Warcraft, and more Age of Empires support. Beyond this, ZeroSpace, another independent RTS developed by pro-gamers, is currently in development. 2024 could be a great time to be an RTS fan.

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