Could the breakout arena shooter be the next big esport? Introducing the Splitgate Pro Series.

Splitgate, the breakout arena shooter, have announced their esports plans for 2022 and they are definitely grand in scale. The Splitgate Pro Series will span four seasons and feature eight teams and a combined prizepool of $500,000.

The 2022 Splitgate Pro Series is split into four parts, and features a total of $500,000 USD in prize money. It also sets up a full path to pro structure. Do you think you're the next (or first) Splitgate star?

The Splitgate Pro Series structure

The Splitgate Pro Series in 2022 is divided into four separate seasons. Each season will feature 8 pro teams - the starting ten are based on the results of Splitgate competition last year. They'll play match days over six weeks, ending in a $60,000 final match seeded by the weekly results.

The eight pro teams:

  • We Got Lucky
  • Aim Assist
  • Portal Demons
  • Bork
  • Mushroom Hunters
  • Little Gremlins
  • No Sleep
  • Revenge Tour

Dates for the first of these seasons are also out. The first SPS match day is on February 5th, with the finals happening on March 13th.

Tier 2 and below

The SPS isn't the only thing happening, though. In 2022 Splitgate is also introducing several path to pro levels. The first of those is the Challenger Series. Effectively tier 2, it is free and open to enter. It runs its schedule alongside the SPS; meaning it's also split into four seasons, and runs on similar weeks.

At the end of each season, a relegation tournament will be played between the lowest-placed teams from the SPS and the best from Challengers. Teams that are promoted will join the next season of the Splitgate Pro Series.

Lastly, community tournaments will be hosted by Play Beyond. These are outside the competitive SPS and Challenger leagues. They'll feature "bonus cash prizes and unique event formats."

The future of the game

Splitgate has proven to be a popular up-and-coming title with the gaming community. As an esport, they're still very new. No organizations have signed professional teams, and 2021 was mostly decentralized, open competition. With the structure of the Splitgate Pro Series and its' supporting events, though, things are looking bright for Splitgate's future.

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