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Skull and Bones closed beta rewards

The Skull and Bones closed beta provides you with rewards upon completing certain objectives that carry into the full game.

The presumed final Skull and Bones closed beta is coming to an end, and you can gain a handful of rewards from participating. If you played, we'll let you know what you can expect to receive in your inventory once the game goes live.

There are different ways to earn the rewards, so pay close attention and make sure you complete every task appropriately. Once the beta officially ends, you won't have a chance at these rewards again. So, here we go.

What are the Skull and Bones beta rewards?

The Skull and Bones closed beta rewards are three items, but one provides many more than others. It is considered a set, while the other two are singular rewards. Take a look at what you'll get and exactly how to do so:

  • Skull and Bones Welcome Firework: Play the full six hours of the beta
  • Pioneer Set: Complete a World Event during the beta
  • Spoken For Emote: Craft and sail a Bedar ship during the beta

The first reward is given if you simply play the entirety of the Skull and Bones beta. Fireworks can be shot into the air to celebrate a successful battle or plunder. This one is the signature skull and crossbones, in a red color.

(Image via Ubisoft)
(Image via Ubisoft)

We'll get to the Pioneer Set, but let's start with the Spoken For Emote. The first ship the beta has you craft and sail is the Bedar. There's no chance you'll miss it unless you go AFK before advancing far enough to craft the boat.

Now, we can discuss the Pioneer Set. This is the most fruitful reward from the Skull and Bones closed beta. It provides a variety of ship cosmetics for you:

  • Pioneer's Sails sail color
  • Voyager's Hues hull color
  • Pioneer's Motifs sail pattern
  • Pioneer's Emblem ship emblem
  • The Pioneer ship plate

This is the toughest one to obtain. You have to complete a World Event. These appear on the map and are rather difficult challenges for any player that reaches it. Think of it as a boss battle on the open seas for you and everyone else in your world.

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