Shroud dominates The Finals viewership in game’s first month cover image

Shroud dominates The Finals viewership in game’s first month

Is anyone truly surprised that Shroud is the most watched Twitch streamer for The Finals? He put up massive hours watched.

The Finals had its beta periods, but did not officially release until a surprise launch was announced the night of The Game Awards 2023. It went live on December 7 and has been a fan-favorite new title for many. Just ask former CS pro and top streamer Michael "Shroud" Grzesiek, who dominated The Finals viewership.

Shroud ends the first month of The Finals with well over 1 million hours watched

(Image via Shroud on Twitch)
(Image via Shroud on Twitch)

Shroud is one of the most popular streamers on Twitch. When a new game comes out and he boots it up, viewers flock to him to hear his opinion and see his skills.

After The Finals launched, he added it to his rotation and it is safe to say his viewers were excited. You can see him stream the likes of VALORANT and Escape From Tarkov, as well, but his interest in The Finals definitely skyrocketed the game's overall popularity.

The team-based arena shooter sees players fight over cash vaults and accumulate money by cashing out. It is as much about tactics as it is aim, and that's why Shroud excels at The Finals. Viewers have watched him enter the arena for over 1 million hours since release.

The Finals top streamers of December 2023

(Image via Streams Charts)
(Image via Streams Charts)

Many popular streamers and content creators have taken a liking to The Finals, but none of them compare to Shroud's hours watched:

  1. Shroud
  2. aceu
  3. lyric
  4. Xop0
  5. summit1g
  6. aimbotcalvin
  7. Noko
  8. Gigz
  9. A_Seagull

In December 2023, he had 1.28 million hours watched for The Finals on his channel. That comes from just under 74 hours of airtime. The next spot on the list streamed for almost 20 more hours, but ended with only around half the hours watched.

This just proves the chokehold Shroud has on the FPS genre and streaming overall. If there's a new and promising first-person shooter on the market, you can expect Shroud to load in and give his viewers something to watch.

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