Rutgers University on attending Genshin Impact Unversity Carnival and next stage preparation cover image

Rutgers University on attending Genshin Impact Unversity Carnival and next stage preparation

Rutgers University squad had an incredible showing in the first Boss Rush.

The Genshin Impact University Carnival USA tournament is well underway. Rutgers University is one of the teams performing very well at the tournament so far and should be considered as one of the sides to win it all.

From meeting through Discord to competing on the big stage, it has been quite the journey so far for this team. Following their opening Boss Rush run, Rutgers University spoke to the broadcast for an interview.

Q: I'm with Rutgers who placed second in the Genshin Impact University Carnival USA finals qualifiers. So congratulations, everyone. Let's start off with Lucas what was it like, Are you guys excited to be here?

Shubo: Yeah, I mean, already the idea of going to Seattle from Rutgers, like, this is the first time any of us went to Seattle, that's already exciting enough. But to do it for Genshin Impact is even crazier, like something that, you know, we picked up as a hobby and is now an esport it's crazy. But um, overall, yeah, we're super excited.

Q: Alright, so when you guys started, like, can you tell us about like your strategies coming into this? Like, let's talk about your team builds, what did you do?

c!c!: So our strategy? What is our strategy that is a very good point [laughs]. Yeah, we just like sort of looked at what we did right and wrong during the qualifiers. And we use that to base off like, how we should end like, go into this part of the quarterfinals.

Q: All right, anything you're gonna do next round to improve like anything that anything you're going to change coming up here?

Karthik: So we'll probably change some of our compositions. And definitely for Bingo, we'll have to look at some other stuff. And other situations that may happen. For the bans, I'm assuming the bans will be really bad for us. So we will have to think of alternate comps for that too. But overall, I think we'll be good.

Q: And quickly for everyone watching right now, can you tell us your favourite characters?

Shubo: Itto.

c!c!: Ganyu.

Karthik: Hu Tao. is keeping up to date with all of the latest action in the Genshin Impact University Carnival USA. Fans can also keep up to date via eFuse's Twitter.

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