Here’s how to further your streaming career with a sponsorship from the world’s leading gaming energy drink brand.

If you are an esports fan, there are high chances you have come across Rogue Energy. The company behind the ultimate gaming energy drink has a sponsorship program that benefits content creators. It is visible everywhere and if you don’t know about Rogue Energy, you might as well be living under a rock.

Whether you are a Twitch streamer or a content creator on any platform, you can sign up for Rogue Energy’s sponsorship program. Creators would be promoting some really yummy flavors and also making a viable career out of streaming with this program. Here’s how to avail the benefits of the Sponsorship program. 

What is the Rogue Energy Sponsorship Program?

Content creators looking to make a viable career often turn to big brands for sponsorship. As one of the World’s leading gaming drink brands, Rogue Energy has a very lucrative sponsorship program. 

"The Rogue Sponsorship Program is an open program that anyone can join and begin to earn commissions by promoting sales of Rogue products.  You receive a discount code and an affiliate link that you can use to encourage sales.  Start as an Affiliate and become a Partner."

Using a similar Affiliate and Partner program as Twitch, Rogue Energy incentivizes content creators who put an effort into promoting the brand’s visibility. Anyone can join the affiliate program, irrespective of their audience size. But in order to become partners, content creators need to grow in size and provide visibility to the Rogue Energy brand. 

Affiliates earn up to 10% commissions while partners receive a higher share at 15. But not everyone can become a partner. Only Gold Tier Rogue Energy affiliates and Twitch partners can acquire Partner status with the energy drink brand.

Rogue Energy has a wide array of dietary supplement flavors. While each drink has its unique taste, the Pink Lemonade is very popular. There are also other flavors such as Caramel Vanilla Latte, Green Apple, Blue Raspberry and more. 

The Pink Lemonade.
The Pink Lemonade.

Benefits of Joining 

  • Content creators can earn commissions up to 15% for sales
  • Creators of all sizes are welcome. No application is required to become an Affiliate.
  • Both Affiliates and Partners can apply to run Twitch Takeovers on the Official Rogue Energy Twitch channel.
  • Partners earn free product shipments and also run giveaways for their communities. 

How to get Rogue Energy Sponsorship?

Becoming an affiliate in the Rogue Energy sponsorship program is easy. Anyone can become an affiliate. Content creators who wish to join the program can do so on Rogue Energy’s sponsorship page

Esports teams can also sign up for the program and all members can promote the same codes. Content creators who have signed up for the program can check the progress of their sales via the dashboard on the Rogue Energy website.

Want some Rogue Energy for 30% less?

If you want to have a taste of Rogue Energy you can visit their website, and use promo code “esports” for 30% off courtesy of our partnership.