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How and why a Rogue Energy drink can help improve your gaming skills

Since it became popular worldwide in the 18th century, caffeine has become a part of our everyday lives. What you may not know is how it can help improve your gaming skills. #sponsored

Competitive gaming has seen a meteoric rise in the past couple of years. What started as a small passionate group has exploded into an international phenomenon. Watching an esports match can be absolutely mesmerizing. The number of moves, mouse clicks, and joystick rotations can be daunting to keep track of. What makes them so unique? How do they manage to pull it all off? We'll tell you how and then explain why a Rogue Energy drink could make the difference in a clutch match.

A Pep in Your Step

The obvious answer is practice. Lots and lots of practice. However, there might be more to it than just putting in the hours behind the computer. What you put in your stomach can also be a contributing factor, specifically energy drinks. Yes, there are reasons why gamers like energy drinks besides the taste. Many people believe that energy drinks can give you an edge in gaming, but is that true?

Let us break this down and see if we can find the answer here. What we need to first focus on is one of the main ingredients found in most energy drinks -- caffeine. This is probably one of the most common ingredients that you can find in them, and for good reason. It is mainly how you get that extra bump of energy. Studies do show that caffeine can be very useful, especially for esports players. A study was done that showed caffeine can improve reaction time and can reduce the rest time a person needs in between physical activity.

Caffeine can make a difference to your gaming performance
Caffeine can make a difference to your gaming performance

With the first point of that study, the improved reaction time is critical for many gamers, especially in the competitive scene. The study states that reaction time was only improved by a fraction of a second. This does not sound like a big deal to the common person, but this is a mountain of difference for gamers. The amount of movement an esport player can do in just a second is massive. Whether it is with a mouse and keyboard or with a gamepad. Getting a boost regardless of how small can mean more actions and movements a player can perform.

Now in regards to the latter point, I am not claiming that competitive gamers are exerting themselves to a high degree of physicality. However, esports players are still in fact physically exerting themselves while playing their preferred game. While ingesting caffeine, players will not have to take that long of rest in between matches. This way they can game even longer compared to people who did not get a little caffeine boost.

Caffeine can improve reaction time

Reaction time also goes hand-in-hand with other desirable traits such as alertness and focus. Caffeine has been proven to help people focus more on tasks as well as keeping them alert. With a rush of alertness, players can use that improved reaction time to key in on critical moments during their play in order to stand out in the competition.

Improvement in memory is also something gamers can look forward to when consuming caffeine. A recent Johns Hopkins study states that caffeine can help improve long-term memory. This can be especially useful for players who are constantly grinding in practice matches. With an improved long-term memory players can potentially have an easier time remembering the long string of combos in their favorite fighting games, or the proper item progression in a MOBA.

Rogue Energy Drink: A healthy amount of caffeine

A word of caution is always displayed when talking about using energy drinks as a means of getting an edge in any form of competition. Usually, people warn you about excess caffeine and all of the sugar that is usually in energy drinks. The FDA highly recommends that people should not drink more than 400 mg of caffeine daily. Of course, watching your sugar intake is also very important too. Too much sugar can be very unhealthy for the body. Fortunately, Rogue Energy does a fantastic job handling both of these issues.

Every product from Rogue Energy has zero sugar added. This means you do not have to worry about your sugar intake, as there is none! As for the caffeine dosage, the recommended amount of the Rogue Energy mixture is about 175 mg. This is significantly lower than the recommended amount that the FDA states.

So when you want to really focus on improving your gaming skills an energy drink might be able to help you out. With a healthy dose of caffeine, you can see improved focus, reaction time, and memory. Of course, you will have to be wary of the amount of caffeine and sugar you consume. Luckily a Rogue Energy drink has that part already covered for you with its appropriate amount of caffeine with every serving and zero sugar. It also has great nutritional values, including antioxidants.

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