Sony’s latest Financial report gives us details on the sales of PS5 and the company’s console profits.

Sony has sold 13.4 million PS5 units to date according to the latest data released by the company. Despite console shortages, the demand for Sony’s console continues to fuel sales. The company’s latest financial reports suggest a significant increase in PS5 sales.

Increase in Sales But Lower Operating Profit

The company sold 3.3 million units in July-September Q2 compared to 2.2 in the previous quarter. There has been an increase in game sales with 76.4 million units compared to 63.6 million in the previous quarter. Sony saw a 27% increase in revenue with 645.4 billion yen ($5.86 billion).

PS5’s Sales have increased compared to the previous quarter.

Sony’s operating profit is down 21% year-on-year, partly due to lower PS4 sales. The operating income of 82.7 billion yen ($728 million) was down compared to last quarter by 3.4 billion yen ($29 million). In addition to the lower PS4 sales, Sony has also sold PS5 consoles at a loss. 

A big reason for the lower operating income has been the reduction in sales of first-party titles. Both Sony and Microsoft have been trying to beef up their first-party titles through acquisitions, although Microsoft seems to be doing much better on that front. Sony has significant third-party sales, but they are not as profitable as first-party titles. 

God of War – Biggest Seller for Sony

God of War sold 19.5 million copies in the quarter.

God of War has been Sony’s biggest seller at 19.5 million copies sold. Horizon Zero Dawn sold 10 million copies while Marvel’s Spiderman sold 13.2 million copies. At 6.5 million copies Ghost of Tsushima was still going strong for Sony.

Chip Shortage Hit Sony’s Financials 

The global chip shortage has hit console manufacturers hard as they are unable to meet the ever-growing demand. The shortage has also driven up the prices of parts and Sony sold PS5 units at a loss. Although the company said in August, it is no longer selling PS5 at a loss, according to VG247.

However, despite the chip shortage, Sony has already procured enough chips to produce consoles till March 2022. The company aims to produce 22.6 million PS5 units till March 2022. Does this mean gamers will find it easy to get their hands on a new PS5? Not really. The demand for PS5 continues to increase and despite Sony’s reassurances of production till March 2022, the holiday season would most likely see a massive surge in demand.

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