Famous sad boi Post Malone joins WWE 2K24 roster, curates soundtrack cover image

Famous sad boi Post Malone joins WWE 2K24 roster, curates soundtrack

This year’s musical guest comes along with his own curated soundtrack.

Not content with simply buying the most expensive Magic: The Gathering card ever made, recording artist Post Malone wants to wrestle as well. Revealed today by 2K Games, the publisher announced that everyone's favorite grill-sporting emo Post Malone is joining the WWE 2K24 roster as a playable character.

Not only that, but Malone is also the Executive Soundtrack Producer of this year's iteration of the WWE 2K franchise. “The secret to a great video game soundtrack is a little something for everyone and for every mood. It gets you excited and it gets you pumped up to play,” said Post Malone in a press release. “This has been a total blast. We have a lot of cool ideas, so I’m super excited.”

Check below for the track list, as well as info on his DLC debut.

How do you play as Post Malone in WWE 2K24?

If we're being honest, the selection of music for WWE 2K24 is far more interesting than Post Malone becoming a playable character. However, if you fancy a chance to beat the man up in the digital squared circle, you'll get your chance in a post-launch DLC pack with no determined release date. This will, most likely, be similar to the one featuring latin superstar Bad Bunny from last year's game.

As for that track list? It's a weird one.

  • Post Malone - Chemical;
  • 100 gecs - Hand Crushed By A Mallet;
  • Busta Rhymes - Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See;
  • Colter Wall - Motorcycle;
  • Grimes - Genesis;
  • Militarie Gun - Do It Faster;
  • Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs - Big Rig;
  • Speed - Not That Nice;
  • Turnstile - Mystery
  • Post Malone - Laugh It Off;
  • Tyler Childers - House Fire
  • Yeat - Bëttr 0ff

Where else but in the world of WWE would you find a soundtrack comprised of rap legend Busta Rhymes, Elon Musk hanger-on Grimes, and country folk standard bearer Tyler Childers? Beats me, but the WWE 2K24 soundtrack list is just weird enough that I completely believe Post Malone had a hand in its creation.

Look for more information on Post Malone's inclusion in WWE 2K24 closer to its release date on March 8.

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