Creators are coming together for a Palworld Twitch Rivals competition that will test their skills a Pal Tamer.

Palworld took gaming by storm with its creatures, base building, guns, and it being a fun alternative to Pokémon for some. That's led many creators to spend their time in the Pocketpair game. So much that Twitch is doing a Palworld Twitch Rivals event.

How would an event like this work? We all asked that before they gave us a ruleset. We'll walk you through the participants, how you can tune in, and what exactly they'll be doing in Palworld that can be counted as competition.

Palworld Twitch Rivals format and rules

(Image via Twitch Rivals)
(Image via Twitch Rivals)

Palworld Twitch Rivals is a two day event on February 22 and 23. Both days begin at 2 p.m. PST, with creators split into teams four. The teams have two ways of obtaining points across the various days, hunting down a list of achievements provided before the event and catching Lucky Pals.

Here's the full format breakdown:

  • Achievement Hunt
    • Achievement List
  • Teams have 4 hours each day to complete the most amount of achievements possible
  • Achievements for both days become available 15 minutes before the start of the event
  • Achievements are divided into Day 1 - Day 2 - Global
    • Global achievements can be achieved both days
    • Achievements from Day 1 can be completed on Day 2, for half the points.
    • Achievements from Day 2 can not be completed on Day 1
  • No in-game bugs or exploits
  • Server settings
    • Day 1
      • EXP: 7.0
    • Day 2
      • EXP: 20.0
    • Both Days
      • Gatherable Items Multiplier: 3.0
      • Gatherable Objets Health Multiplier: 3.0
      • Gatherable objects respawn interval: 0.5
      • Dropped items Multiplier: 3.0
      • Time to incubate Massive Egg: 1 hour
  • Most Lucky Pals Captured
    • Teams are ranked based on the amount of Lucky Pals they capture during the two days
    • This will not award points for the Achievement Hunt
    • Teams are awarded a prize based on the amount of Lucky Pals captured
  • Teams are ranked by total amount of points obtained after Day 1 and Day 2
    • Points from Day 1 carry on to Day 2
      • Tiebreakers
        • Most achievements completed from each corresponding day
        • Most unique pals captured by all team members
        • Most lucky pals captured by all team members
        • Split prize
          • Day 1 Achievements completed on the second day give half the points, but are not considered for tiebreakers

Prize pool

The Palworld Showdown for Twitch Rivals spreads out the prize pool over the two days. They're as follows:

Day 1 ($14,500 total)

Per Team
Per Player
4th - 6th$1,000$250
7th - 11th$750$187.50
12th - 16th$500$125

Day 2 ($34,000 total)

Per Team
Per Player
3rd - 4th$3,000$750
5th - 8th$2,000$500
9th - 12th$1,500$375
13th - 16th$1,250$312.50

Lucky Pals ($1,500 total)

Teams can earn bonus prizing with the most Lucky Pals caught:

Per Team
Per Player
If any ties here, the team's split the prizing.

Palworld Twitch Rivals participants

Here is a list of all the creators taking part in the Palworld Showdown:

How to watch Palworld Twitch Rivals

You can watch by viewing the stream of any creator involved. We have them listed all above. As well, there will be a Twitch Rivals stream that switches between the different creators' points-of-view.

If you're rooting for one creator or team, you can just watch what they are up to. If you're into the competition as a whole, then the Twitch Rivals stream we've shared is the way to go.

Stay tuned to for more esports news and Palworld coverage.