Palworld has sold over three million copies within 40 hours of launch

Pokemon with guns might be what you think of first when you check out Palworld. The game has appealed to players from all age groups and all over the world. Within 24 hours of its release, Palworld has dislodged Counter-Strike as the most-played game on Steam. Counter-Strike 2 held the top spot for nearly two years and has dominated the player numbers for much longer.

Palworld Top Selling Steam Title

Palworld released on January 19, 2024, and it is also available on the Xbox Game Pass. The open-world survival and crafting game has found its fanbase due to its strong gameplay and mechanics. While the initial ‘Pokemon with guns’ might be a selling point, without excellent game management, crafting and building mechanics, the game would not have been so successful.

Palworld has dislodged Counter-Strike 2 as the top-selling game on Steam. The game also has more players than Counter-strike 2 at the time of writing.

There are over 895,936 players building their world in Palworld as opposed to the 540,247  on Counter-Strike 2.

Palworld’s popularity is rising as more word about the game goes out. The game has seen a steady rise in player numbers and at the time of writing was at its all-time peak (13 seconds ago as in the screenshot above).

Palworld has received a smooth launch across platforms with surprisingly few hiccups compared to some of the bigger game launches in recent times. The developers have already announced some of their future plans including a PvP arena and more raids

The game garnered one million sales in less than eight hours of launch and two million within 24 hours. The game reached the 3 million mark at 40 hours and it shows no signs of slowing. 

It remains to be seen how far up Palworld will go. PUBG holds the record for the All-Time Peak on Steam with a total of 3,257,248 players. That number is still a long ways away from where Palworld is right now, but it looks like it will garner a respectable high in the next few days. If you have already secured yourself a copy of Palworld it’s time to get going on the list of Palworld Achievements.

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