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NICKMERCS launches a 24/7 online store, allowing fans to purchase merch at any time cover image

NICKMERCS launches a 24/7 online store, allowing fans to purchase merch at any time


NICKMERC’S official 24/7 store is now live. Grab you favorite MFAM gear now!

The gaming celebrity, NICKMERCS, has officially launched his very own merchandise store that will always be selling. No more drops and limited availability. NICKMERCS fans now can represent the streamer's gear at all times.
Here is everything you need to know about NICKMERC'S online store.

Gaming is for everybody. NICKMERC'S new shop is here to stay

With gaming being more relevant than ever in today's society, it is important that people feel they have their own identity within the scene. This is exactly what Nick hopes to achieve with his new store.
Gamers will always be able to purchase new and old merchandise on the streamer's online website. Nick is hoping that fans will be able to connect with others by sporting his clothing in public.
NICKMERCS crew neck
NICKMERCS crew neck
Once an MFAM member, always an MFAM member. Nick's exclusive merch is a symbol of those who he considers his community and family.
The new site is promising immediate and permanent apparel, allowing fans to have the clothing and accessories sent to them right after they are purchased. Nick is helping his community provide representation for his brand year-round, and not just during a drop.

When does the new store launch?

The new store is live. Head over to now and find the best MFAM gear for you. All initial orders will be fulfilled just before the holidays.
Nickmercs sweatshirt
Nickmercs sweatshirt
With Nick's previous drops being extremely successful, we should expect to see his new website pull in tens of thousands of orders across the globe.

What products will we find in NICKMERC'S store?

The clothing and accessories that will be initially up for sale on Nick's site are nothing short of dazzling.
Here is the full list of products available for purchase:
  • Embroidered hat
  • Embroidered beanie
  • Two new shirt designs
  • Crew neck sweater
  • Custom Hoodie
Alongside all of these products will also be the return of the Faze '10 Year Streaming Anniversary' jersey that originally sold out in under four minutes.
Head to the website now and grab your official MFAM gear.
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