Nickmercs announces limited edition ‘MFAM’ Beats Studio Buds cover image

Nickmercs announces limited edition ‘MFAM’ Beats Studio Buds

Learn more about the limited edition Nickmercs Beats Studio Buds. We have to admit, they look pretty good.

Gamers need proper sound quality, whether that's in the arena or in the gym before your gaming session. That's why renowned gamer Nickmercs is teaming up with Beats by Dre to release a limited edition set of Beats Studio Buds.

Nickmercs originally announced his partnership with Beats by Dre back in November of 2021. Nick has helped Beats collaborate on two separate drops with Faze Clan, and has promoted several Beats products on his Twitch stream.

Grab your 'MFAM' Beats Studio Buds this Friday, July 22 at Best Buy!

Nickmerc's and Beats' limited-edition custom earbuds drop this Friday, July 22. Fans can expect to pick them up at Best Buy for $149.99 USD.

The Beats Studio earbuds come with a case that has Nickmercs' 'Spartan' logo engraved on the front. When revealing the actual earbuds, you will see 'MFAM' written on the sides of each piece.

This is Nickmercs' paying homage to his dedicated and loyal fanbase, the 'MFAM'.

The wireless earbuds come with state-of-the-art technology, featuring Class 1 Bluetooth®, Active Noise Cancellation, Transparency mode, and more.

“Beats Studio Buds are my everyday, go-to earbuds," said Nickmercs. "I've been working out and traveling with these for a while now and I'm super excited and proud to be collaborating with Beats to produce MFAM Beats Buds that my community around the world can wear proudly wherever they go." 

Nickmercs workout
Nickmercs workout

Grab your pair before they sell out at on July 22.

The announcement comes just a day after Nickmercs shared that his Apex squad Tripods was invited to the Pro League for Year 3.