Just a normal afternoon at the 100 Thieves compound. Channing Tatum, an attack dog, and three content creator victims.

100 Thieves content creators Noahj456, Will Neff, and NiceWigg spent their most recent afternoon getting mauled by dogs at the 100 Thieves compound.

There is never a normal day at the 100 Thieves compound as it was revealed on Twitter that 100 Thieves had brought a dog to the compound named Pablo. Though, this was not any ordinary dog that you would take for a walk in the perfect Los Angeles weather. 

Pablo came to the compound to attack some of 100 Thieves content creators, for you guessed it, content. And the outcome is outright hilarious.

The video begins with 100 Thieves streamer and part-owner, CouRageJD introducing the concept of the Twitter video and its partnership with the upcoming movie Dog, directed by Channing Tatum, before moving forward with the dog attacks onto Noahj456, Will Neff, and NiceWigg.

Just a normal week for Noahj456, Will Neff, and NiceWigg

Members of 100 Thieves were in attendance to watch their co-workers get mauled by this dog as Noahj456 was first up. Pablo immediately went for a bite onto Noahj456’s left arm as the popular 100 Thieves content creator let out a grunt from the sheer force of the bite. 

Noahj456 was the first victim for Pablo

This lasted for nearly 20 seconds before the dog handler helped remove Pablo from the content creator’s arm as he walked away in shock and laughter. 

After him was Will Neff who took the vicious bite with stride, and even shouted how much he, “liked it” throughout his turn and even asked for a second one. A tough act to follow, the final 100 Thieves content creator was NiceWigg, who upped the ante. 

100 Thieves content creator Will Neff getting mauled by Pablo. Image via screenshot from 100 Thieves video.

Instead of giving himself the opportunity to brace, he turned around from Pablo before shouting it was for charity. Noticing the content creator turned away, Pablo went for NiceWigg’s right leg as Channing Tatum laughed and apologized blaming the surprise attack on the leg on Pablo.

NiceWigg was the third and final target

And after 20 seconds, the dog attacks were over as Tatum and the 100 Thieves staff all cheered for their fellow content creators for going through both a hilarious and scary afternoon with Pablo.

What is the movie Dog about?

Image via screenshot of Dog movie and 100 Thieves twitter video.

The video was made in part of a partnership with the movie Dog. Dog is an upcoming American comedy film that revolves around a U.S Army Ranger Briggs, played by Channing Tatum who is tasked with bringing a dog named Lulu through the Pacific coast to attend her handler’s funeral.

The upcoming comedy is directed by Tatum himself, alongside Reid Carolin. The film was inspired by Tatum’s own pet dog, Lulu, who passed away three years ago, as he looks to pay homage through the upcoming film in his directorial debut.

Dog will be released in theaters on February 18.

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