Pokémon GO players that use Facebook to login to their account are experiencing ongoing issues. The solution? Delete Facebook.

Have a problem with the Pokémon GO login? Just delete Facebook.

The Pokémon community has been plagued with a frustrating and continued login technical error. Now, players are looking for answers. But Niantic has responded with a solution that has surprised many trainers.

Pokémon GO, like many apps, allows players to login through different websites, including Google, Apple, and Facebook. But people using Facebook to login have been running into a log in error that doesn't seem to be going away. As the issue continued, trainers asked Niantic for solutions.

On Twitter, Niantic told one Pokémon GO player that they can avoid this login issue by removing the Facebook app from their phone. After removing Facebook, trainers should try to log in manually.

Does deleting Facebook fix the Pokémon GO login issue?

It's unclear if this surprising solution worked, but Pokémon fans have taken to Twitter to discuss the strange advice.

Said one gamer: "Delete other apps and maybe our app will work. That's hilarious."

Another pointed out that some phones come with Facebook already installed and it can't be removed.

Joked another: "Next they'll ask you to switch smartphone. Or even better, release their own smartphone brand, with PoGO exclusive features built in, like extra Nanab Berries and 0.01 extra chance of finding the Galarian chickens with the daily asinine incense, plus a bonus one-time box with 50 Pokéballs and three premium passes as a 'gift' to players... and all for the modicum sum of 600€. And New Zealand would get the early release, of course, lulz..."

For players that don't want to delete their Facebook in case that's their main way to reach their boomer relatives, it looks like they are out of luck for now. The issue has not been properly addressed or fixed at this point, meaning the Pokémon GO login issue is still an ongoing problem.