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Amazon Promises Action Against New World Farming Bots

Farming Bots might soon be a thing of the past. Amazon promises to revoke thousands of fraudulently obtained game keys.

Amazon Game Studio’s New World is wildly popular with over 900,000 players in early October . But players have been complaining about farming bots for quite some time now. The developer announced it is taking steps against farming bots in a new ban wave.

New World will revoke thousands of game keys from accounts that are using bots to farm gold in the game. These bots occupy crucial locations in the game, hoarding resources and negatively impacting the game experience for other players. The bots often move around in weird patterns in order to fool bot detection systems.

It becomes difficult for other players wanting to craft items or complete quests due to a lack of resources. New World developers announced in a blog post they are taking steps to detect and revoke game keys of accounts that are disrupting gameplay. 

We have seen your reports of gold farmers and bots in the game. We take these reports seriously and we want you to know that we are committed to ensuring fair gameplay. As part of this commitment, we are taking steps to revoke thousands of keys that were fraudulently obtained to disrupt gameplay.

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New World had a blockbuster launch with players waiting hours to get into overpopulated servers. The game has faced MMO issues including AFK players who do not wish to leave the servers. Amazon had announced a free region transfer earlier but has since delayed its implementation. 

How to Buy New World?

As a reminder, please only purchase New World from one of our two authorized retailers (Amazon and Steam). This is the only way to guarantee that the key you have is authentic and works correctly. Beware of all other sites claiming to sell New World keys. We do not support keys sold by third-party sellers because they are often obtained through fraud.

Amazon Game studios

The developers have also warned users against buying the game from unauthorized sources. Presently New World is available for $39.99 on Steam and Amazon only.

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