New ‘Marvel 1943: Rise of Hydra’ game announced cover image

New ‘Marvel 1943: Rise of Hydra’ game announced

Marvel’s newest game has been announced for 2025.

Marvel has been a large hit or miss when it comes to video games. While their Avengers series has not done the greatest with fans, games like Spider-Man have blown up over the years. Their newest venture, Marvel 1943: Rise of Hydra, gives hope to a promising future for Marvel video games.

Announced today, March 20, 2024, Marvel 1943: Rise of Hyrda is the newest game to be released within the Marvel universe.

Marvel fans get a chance to fight against Hydra back during WWII

While not too much information is known about the upcoming Marvel title, we do know that it obviously takes place during World War II (WWII) in 1943 (as the name suggests). The game resembles the story of the first Captain America movie, as it will follow the infamous Steve Rodgers and Peggy Carter.

Some interesting features, though, that are suggested in the game's promotional material, is that the Black Panther will be making an appearance.

The picture posted featured an American soldier, Peggy Carter, Captain American and Black Panther all standing side by side. This hints that not only will Captain America take on the fight against Hydra, but we will also see other heroes join the battle.

Will it just be Black Panther as the additional fighter? Or will we see more superheroes from that time emerge? It would make the most sense for Black Panther to be a part of the game, due to his power being passed down through generations in Wakanda, but from what we know, there are no other heroes that were alive at this time.


Luckily, we have gotten an official trailer for the game, which features both Captain America and Black Panther. We even get a look at the two popular heroes fighting with each other... setting up an interesting storyline.

When does Marvel 1943: Rise of Hydra release?

As of now, all we know is that the game is set to release in 2025. Whether or not it will be exclusive to a specific console or available on all platforms is unknown.

Who is Hydra?

Hydra is a terrorist organization from the Marvel universe, that first emerges alongside Nazi Germany. Their goal is to experiment, creating new devices and powers that will allow them to rule over the world and eventually known galaxies.

In the MCU, we see Hydra as the first people to uncover the Tesseract, a powerful device hidden on Earth, helping to give immense power to whoever wields it.

This was the beginning of Hydra's attempt at tyranny. Having a video game that explores this timeline more extensively will be exciting.

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