The new FFXIV class once again has me, a hardcore WoW fan, jealous cover image

The new FFXIV class once again has me, a hardcore WoW fan, jealous

Coming this summer is a new FFXIV class in the Pictomancer, able to sling paint and make each battle a work of art.

Final Fantasy 14 received a number of new announcements over the weekend at FFIX Fan Festival 2024 in Tokyo over the weekend. It looks all sails ahead for the release of the game's next expansion, Dawntrail. That said, the feature that has me, a long-suffering WoW player jealous is the new FFXIV class of Pictomancer. A cross between a mage and that cool art school major in college I had a crush on who smoked clove cigarettes, the new class has a fantastic sense of style and design.

Also like that art school major.

However, the main difference is that the Pictomancer probably won't sneer at me for going to Starbucks and listening to anything but Grimes. So, while I have some awful college flashbacks let's take a gander at the new FFXIV class for liberal arts degree holders everywhere.

New FFXIV class Pictomancer

The Pictomancer is an odd duck in the world of spell-casters. Focusing on spells with a long cast time, it's also a class that looks to have a ton of malleability and utility. Described by Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida as "a magical ranged DPS job that works in the medium of mixed aether," the new FFXIV class brings art to life in battle.

And it just looks cool in the process. No shade to WoW's most recent class, the Evoker, but using paint to fight is too cool to ignore. Or so I told Sadie on that one date we went out on before she chastised me for trying to take her to see The Dark Knight in theaters. THERE'S NOTHING "GOUACHE" ABOUT BATMAN.

Ahem. Sorry. Old crushes die hard.

The Pictomancer will summon creatures, create landscapes, channel different elemental types, and more. And while the new FFXIV class needs time to work she also possesses a number of quick-cast abilities. As seen in the above trailer, the class also features a stunning in-game art style, paint flying every which direction. My only concern is whether or not this paint effect will be distracting for other players

You'll be able to try out the new FFXIV Pictomancer class this summer when Dawntrail sets sail. Other surprises in the expansion includes a new race in the Female Hrothgar, boats, a FF16 crossover, and more. Between Dawntrail and WoW's own new expansion in The War Within it's looking to be a busy summer for MMORPG fans.

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