Netflix Gaming is coming in the next year cover image

Netflix Gaming is coming in the next year

Netflix will add a new gaming section which will let gamers play original titles and more without raising the cost of your subscription. Given how impactful Netflix has been to the movie industry, could it be beneficial for gaming?

Netflix will go from asking 'are you still watching?' to 'are you still playing?'

News broke yesterday that Netflix gaming is on the way. The company has hired two gaming executives to begin working on their new gaming service. A Facebook veteran and a former EA executive will join the streaming platform to bring gaming to your TV. The two come from past projects like Oculus VR, The Sims, and Star Wars games.

Netflix looks to be adding a new gaming section to their already robust line-up of content. Much like the comedy, horror or TV series tabs, you'll soon have a gaming tab. We don't know yet what types of games will be offered but comparisons have been made to Apple's Arcade service.

Netflix has shown an interest in gaming before

It's no secret the platform has an interest in the gaming space. Look at TV adaptations like The Witcher, Dota: Dragon's Blood alongside the upcoming Cyberpunk: Edgerunners and Riot's own Arcane, a series in the League of Legends universe. With this announcement Netflix is further solidifying themselves in the gaming space for years to come. Bloomberg writer Lucas Shaw who broke the news, took to Twitter to confirm as much.

This also opens up the door for brand new gaming IPs which Netflix already owns. Stranger Things already has a top-down Nintendo style game for Ps4, but think of the possibilities when backed by gaming industry execs and a shiny new budget. The Queen's Gambit was an huge success when it released last year, even receiving 18 Emmy nods. Could we see an historical chess game released soon?

As gamers, we are inherently skeptical when we see major corporations move into the industry. When Google launched Stadia just two years ago, gamers were not at all eager to drop their Xbox controllers and live stream their favorite titles. Amazon was disappointed to see their first original studio title Crucible flop upon release. Even Disney shut down their gaming efforts after a few years.

As the gaming industry gets more and more mainstream, Netflix gaming hopes to be one of the only big corporations that can actually create something gamers want. Let's just hope they don't repeat the mistakes of their competitors.