The games will be a part of the users’ existing subscription. They will be ad-free and feature no additional in-app purchases.

On November 3rd, Netflix will take the next step in Netflix Games with a global launch on Android devices

The 15-second video tweet features the Netflix logo in front of a backdrop of downloadable games. In the tweet, they state these exclusive games will feature zero ads and no additional fees.

Netflix Games to Feature 5 Games at Launch

The Netflix Games Launch will include five different games, all downloadable from the Google Play store. All of these will require a Netflix subscription to play. 

Stranger Things is one of the five titles to debut with Netflix Games Launch.
Stranger Things is a popular Netflix TV series and is the headline of the Netflix Games Launch.

The following are the five games included in the launch:

  • Stranger Things: 1984.
  • Stranger Things 3: The Game.
  • Shooting Hoops.
  • Teeter Up.
  • Card Blast.

As of writing, the selection of games is limited as the five games are headlined by two Stranger Things games. They are rounded out by three app-typical games. That being said, the streaming platform announced a partnership with Oxenfree Developer Night School with hopes that more games will be released.

When on a mobile device, Netflix Games will come packaged in its own dedicated row and a dedicated tab. All of these games will be available on the app starting November 3rd.

Netflix Games Launch focused on Mobile Games

The launch will put more focus on mobile games to start. And while the announcement may disappoint some, it is an expected start to Netflix’s new branch.

Mobile gaming is Netflix’s comfort zone, considering its release of Stranger Things: The Game in 2017. The platform has once again worked with BonusXP on its two Stranger Things Games in the Launch. 

Furthermore, opting for the route of mobile games is a much more cost-effective approach to branching past a streaming service. Due to accessibility, mobile games have a larger player base. And according to a Newzoo report, mobile games will consume over 50% of the overall gaming market by 2023.

Overall, it will be interesting to see how the new Netflix Games Launch will impact Netflix’s share in the gaming sector. Currently a leader in the streaming sector, Netflix will be looking to begin its campaign to become a leader in gaming as well.

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