New MTG Secret Lair Commander deck rains cats and dogs cover image

New MTG Secret Lair Commander deck rains cats and dogs

The goodest boys and girls are coming to Magic: The Gathering with the MTG Cats and Dogs Secret lair Commander deck. Here’s the goods.

The goodest boys and girls are on their way to Magic: The Gathering. Up for sale today via the MTG Secret Lair website is a new Commander deck with a specific, furry focus. The MTG 'Raining Cats and Dogs' deck is available for purchase and won't require you to choose heads or tails.

While a full 100 card Commander Deck, this MTG Secret Lair special release includes a number of reversible art cards featuring cats and dogs. A number of cards also feature the two types of furry friends living in harmony. However, this cute collab is going to cost you the prettiest of pennies.

MTG Secret Lair Commander deck: Raining cats, dogs

The Raining Cats and Dogs MTG Secret Lair Commander deck will cost you $150.00 USD, but includes a number of rare, foil reprints. The full deck includes:

  • 1x Foil Double-Faced Rin and Seri, Inseparable
  • 1x Foil Double-Faced Jetmir, Nexus of Revels
  • 1x Foil Double-Faced Jinnie Fay, Jetmir’s Second
  • 1x Foil Double-Faced Anointed Procession
  • 1x Foil Double-Faced Sol Ring
  • 73x Reprints
  • 22x Foil Basic Lands with New Art
  • 2x Double-Faced Tokens with New Art
  • 11x Reprint Tokens
  • 3x Double-Faced Display Cards

You can check the full decklist over at the WOTC blog. And if you're wondering why this deck costs near double of the most expensive MTG Commander decks, it has to do with rarity. These dog/cat foil reprints come from a number of unique artists and will never see another reprint. More to the point, Wizards of the Coast clearly know what they are doing in making a deck full of adorable cats and dogs.

The aforementioned artists include Allison Carl, Alayna Danner, Jakob Eirich, Nicole Gustafsson, Fiona Hsieh, Jack Hughes, Nana Qi, and Andrea Radeck.

Credit: WOTC
Credit: WOTC

Honestly? The art is fantastic and I love that the art is reversible on specific cards. As a dedicated cat dad it's great to see the representation. However, that $150 price tag definitely has me hesitating on pulling the trigger. That said, this deck is a true rarity. The MTG Cats and Dogs deck won't be available forever, so if you desire a Secret Lair Commander deck then now is the time to act.

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