Mountain Dew Game Fuel is back this coming November with an old favorite flavor in tow. Prepare your inner soda jerk.

The ever-active world of underground soda news reporting continues to dip its toes into the video game world. Coca-Cola recently brought a new Coke Creations flavor to the world with a hint of League of Legends--spoilers: It tastes like salty tears. Not to be left out of the soda arms race, Pepsi appears to be resurrecting Mountain Dew Game Fuel from the ashes of so many reboots.

Discovered on the Dew Drinkers Discord (yes it's real), it appears that the Mountain Dew brand is bringing the gamer flavor back by end of year. This includes discovered UPCs (the standardized store barcode) for Citrus Cherry and Mystic Punch Gamer Fuel. Somewhat unexpectedly, the Mountain Dew world on social media is pumped.

And maybe too full of caffeine. Luckily, we can confirm: Mountain Dew Game Fuel will return to store shelves on November 6.

When is Mountain Dew Game Fuel coming back?

According to rumors on soda social media that ended up being true, Mountain Dew Game Fuel is set for a return on November 6. Citrus Cherry and Fruit Storm are set for release. The news was confirmed at the Halo World Championships two days before.

Multiple Game Fuel images appeared on Reddit throughout the first part of this year. Included in that deluge of leaks was a supposed Diablo 4 and Halo Infinite Mountain Dew promotion set to run for eight weeks.

The supposed leaked images of upcoming Game Fuel.
The supposed leaked images of upcoming Game Fuel.

Was the release cancelled? Did something happen? We don't have the answers to that, but this new batch of info from the Dew Discord feels more likely. And if you're wondering how deep down the Mountain Dew hole goes then keep reading on.

The history of Mountain Dew Game Fuel

A history lesson is in order to truly understand the importance of Mountain Dew Game Fuel. These kinds of returns are few and far between in one lifetime. Michael Jordan coming back to basketball? Paltry in comparison? CM Punk returning to professional wrestling? Meager in excitement. Game Fuel reminding us all of those overly caffeinated nights playing too much Halo 3 or World of Warcraft?


Before Game Fuel was a real product, it was part of a promotion in 2005-06. You may remember the Every10Minutes promotion from this period where Pepsi Co. claimed to give away an Xbox console every ten minutes. Another aspect of the promotion was Mountain Dew giving away drinks and swag at events such as E3 with with an early Game Fuel logo attached.

However, if you know the name Mountain Dew Game Fuel it's probably because of Halo 3. As part of a 2007 promotion for 'Finishing the Fight,' the first official Game Fuel flavor called Citrus Cherry featured Master Chief's mug.

The game-adjacent Mountain Dew line would return in 2009 for an Alliance versus Horde promotion for World of Warcraft. Citrus Cherry returned along with a new opponent, Wild Fruit. As an added bonus, an in-game WoW pet robot was available that ran on blue and red fuel.

Mountain Dew Game Fuel has returned multiple times from 2009 to as recent as 2019. Here's the short list of games and flavors.

  • 2012: Halo 4/Citrus Cherry
  • 2013: EveryTwoMinutes/Electrifying Berry
  • 2014: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare/Lemonade
  • 2015: Call of Duty: Black Ops III/Berry Lime
  • 2016: Titanfall II/Mango Heat
  • 2017: EveryTwoMinutes/Arctic Burst, Tropical Smash

Will we see the Mountain Dew Game Fuel Diablo 4 promotion this year? Stay tuned as this soda conspiracy continues.

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