A League of Legends-inspired soda called Coca-Cola Ultimate is out now, meaning we’ll all know what League of Legends tastes like soon enough.

Have you ever wondered what a gamer tastes like? No? Well, too bad, because Coca-Cola Ultimate is coming and its League of Legends-inspired aesthetic looks to answer that age-old question. Its existence was hinted at a few months back by the fine cola espionage artists at Soda Seekers. However, we now know via a post at The Verge that Coca-Cola Ultimate is out now and available until July 18.

Author's note: Verge reporter Ash Parrish is allowed to be very wrong about calling soda by the wrong name. Down in Appalachia, it's soda--or Coke. Nothing else.

Surely it cannot be any worse than Gamer Grub. Luckily, some rewards from League of Legends may make it all the more palatable.

Coca-Cola Ultimate rewards in LoL

Coca-Cola Ultimate looks to be the latest in the Coke Creations. This experimental soda lineup from Coke often tastes like a horrible manufacturing mistake went down in Atlanta. Such nebulous taste creations include the graham cracker-like Starlight, the pineapple-laced Dreamworld, and whatever the hell pop artist Marshmello supposedly tastes like.

This new flavor, subtitled "+XP flavored," features the signature aesthetic of The Rift and League of Legends. This isn't the first time that Coke and Riot combined forces to dominate the soda world. The two corporations have been sponsorship buddies in the realm of esports dating back to 2014.

<em>League of Legends: Wild Rift featured heavily on Classic Coke.</em>
League of Legends: Wild Rift featured heavily on Classic Coke.

Luckily, League of Legends plays will be able to complete "themed rewards" in-game to get free stuff. This includes:

  • Get seven assists in a single game to earn the Ultimate Teamplay emote.
  • Earn 12,000 gold in a single game to earn the Ultimate Gains emote.
  • Win a game in under 20 minutes to earn the Ultimate Tempo emote.

Is Coca-Cola Ultimate any good? Will it help you in the top lane? All of these questions and more can be answered now that the soda is available. However, much like our in-depth coverage of the KFC Double Down, expect our reactions upon release (so help me, God.)

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