Woof, this update has it all!

Minecraft has released the Armored Paws Update, which includes a brand new mob, eight new wolf variants, and dyeable wolf armor. The update is available for Minecraft: Java and Bedrock editions, which means you can find these new items and mobs as soon as you update your game!

The Armadillo finally joins Minecraft

After winning in the 2023 Minecraft Mob Vote, the Armadillo has finally come to Minecraft. The other two options, the Crab and the Penguin, will sadly join the ranks of losing mobs that developers swear will be added one day.

The Armadillo is an exciting new mob that can be found wandering about the Savanna or Badlands biomes. Unfortunately, you can’t tame these little guys, but you can enjoy watching them waddle along on their merry way. This new passive mob will roll up into a ball - a square ball - whenever a player sprints by or when undead mobs pass. 

Armadillo's love spider eyes to eat! (Image via Mojang)
Armadillo's love spider eyes to eat! (Image via Mojang)

Of course, the most exciting part of the addition of the Armadillo is the new item it drops: armadillo scutes. Thankfully, you don’t have to kill Armadillo’s to get this item, as they’ll drop them randomly or when they’re brushed. And what exactly can you do with the armadillo scutes?

What do Armadillos eat in Minecraft?

If you'd like to breed even more Armadillos for more wolf armor, then you'll want to feed these little guys spider eyes! We're not sure if real armadillos like that sort of thing, but we know that Minecraft ones do!

Minecraft now has armor for your wolf

You can make wolf armor with your armadillo scutes! Really, the Armadillo likely won the 2023 Mob Vote because wolf armor is something Minecraft players have wanted for years.

You’ll need six armadillo scutes to craft one wolf armor. According to the devs, this armor will allow your wolf to “withstand multiple creeper explosions”. Yay! Now we can put our pets in harm's way guilt-free!

Some of the many wolf variants in Minecraft (Image via Mojang)
Some of the many wolf variants in Minecraft (Image via Mojang)

If that wasn’t enough to excite you, then maybe the fact that wolf armor can be dyed will get you going!

New Minecraft wolf variants and their biomes

Wolves are getting some extra special treatment in this update. Alongside armor to make them safer and more stylish, the Minecraft wolf now comes in eight unique color variants. These colors are dependent on the biome, so you’ll have to hunt around for your perfect good boy or girl. Here’s every color variation of wolf and which biome they spawn in.

Wolf Type
Pale Wolf
Black Wolf
Old Growth Pine Taiga
Ashen Wolf
Snowy Taiga
Chestnut Wolf
Old Growth Spruce Taiga
Rusty Wolf
Sparse Jungle
Striped Wolf
Wooded Badlands
Woods Wolf
Spotted Wolf
Savanna Plateau
Snowy Wolf

It’s fantastic to see the Minecraft Armored Paws update enrich the game by adding more content for one of the most popular mobs. These good doggies have a safe and stylish future ahead of them!

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