Marvel announces new ‘Marvel Rivals’ game cover image

Marvel announces new ‘Marvel Rivals’ game

Marvel’s newest video game has officially been announced.

Nothing beats waking up to a new Marvel announcement, especially when it comes to a brand-new video game. Today, Marvel officially announced and released a full trailer for their new PvP shooter game, Marvel Rivals.

Here is everything we know so far about Marvel Rivals.

Many are already comparing Marvel Rivals to that of Overwatch and Valorant. Its 6v6 style of game mode, mixed with each character having their own abilities, makes it draw quite a few similarities to the other popular shooters.

Except, now, it is Marvel-themed.

So far, from what we know about Marvel Rivals, the game will take multiple characters from the Marvel universe (Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, etc.) and allow gamers to fight against each other using them. Every character seems to have special powerups and more that make them unique.

Similar to both Valorant and Overwatch, it feels as if there will be specific strategies that will come along with each character. This means players will have to really pick and choose which Marvel character would work best for their team.

So when does Marvel Rivals release?

Marvel Rivals: Release date and more

At the moment, there is not an exact release date for Marvel Rivals, but we do know a closed beta will be coming in May. Those looking to sign up for the beta can do so here.

Whether or not the game will be released soon after the beta is unknown, as it could take months before we see the official game make its debut. Regardless, though, fans are already flocking to be a part of the beta before it's too late to sign up.

With the beta only a month away, fans should expect to hear more information about the game soon.

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