Lethal Company releases first major update: V45 patch notes cover image

Lethal Company releases first major update: V45 patch notes

Comedy, tradegy, murderous nutcrackers, and more added!

The co-op indie horror game that took the internet by storm earlier this year released its first major update just in time for the holiday season. Zeekerss, the developer behind Lethal Company, created some seasonal additions to update his game, including nutcrackers, presents, spray paints, and more. Full patch notes below!

Version 45 patch notes

  • Added chemistry flasks and dramatic Masks, nutcrackers with guns and spray paint cans for funs.
  • Rail cheese has been nearly destroyed, but the forest giant is easier to avoid.
  • Added to radar boosters the "flash" command, and the ship's new "signal translator" will be in great demand.
  • Keybind settings are in, and I gave the item delivery ship a jolly spin.
  • Gravity is more dangerous, but improved Mansion map generations will be good for us.
  • Arachnophobia mode will ease your fear, and I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year.
  • For compatibility with mods, you can opt into the "previous" branch on Steam to play the old version.

What do the Lethal Company update patch notes mean in-game?

Most importantly, you can no longer avoid most enemies by relying on the rails in each map. Secondly, fall damage has increased, meaning you can no longer freely leap off the ship as it’s landing.

As for new dangers, Zeekerss has upped the enemy list a small amount. You can no longer trust that your friends won’t turn on you, especially when they’re in possession of the drama and comedy masks. Or should we say the masks are in possession of your friends?

One of the presents you can find from the new update (image via esports.gg/Zeekerss)
One of the presents you can find from the new update (image via esports.gg/Zeekerss)

New accessibility features include the Arachnophobia mode that hilariously just replaces the giant spiders with red floating text that says “SPIDER”. Is that better?

Additionally, new Christmas themed updates are found across the maps as well, including new presents, a full Christmas tree makeover for the item delivery ship, and roaming murderous nutcrackers wielding shotguns. Ho, ho, ho!

As of the writing of this article, Lethal Company is charting number one on Steam’s “Top Selling Games” list. It is ranked above Baldur’s Gate 3, which just won Game of the Year, The Finals, and Counter-Strike 2. Since Lethal Company's success hasn't shown any signs of stopping soon, hopefully we'll receive another update in the near future.

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